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'''Edicts''' are instant or temporary effects or modifiers the player or AI may choose to apply to one of their planets (in the case of planetary edicts) or their entire empire (in the case of empire-wide ones), usually in exchange for a cost in [[Energy Credits]] or [[Influence]]. Most edicts are unavailable at the beginning of the game, and must be unlocked by researching specific technologies.<ref name=devdiary>[[forum:895923|Stellaris Dev Diary #12 - Policies & Edicts]]</ref> Empire-wide edicts can be enabled for a monthly [[Influence]] cost.<ref name=borg1>[https://youtu.be/shoiYDp7EEA?t=34m52s All hail Blorg, Space Friends #01]</ref>
== List of empire-wide edicts ==
This is an incomplete list of empire-wide edicts, based on pre-release footage of the game.
{| class="wikitable"
! Name !! Monthly cost !! Effect
| Information Quarantine<ref name=borg1 /> || 1 [[Influence]] || -10% Ethics Divergence
| Propaganda Broadcasts<ref name=borg1 /> ||  || Happiness: +10%
== References ==
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