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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.
Empire edicts window

Edicts are renewable temporary modifiers with a fixed cost that an empire may choose to apply. Most edicts are unavailable at the beginning of the game and must be unlocked through research or events. All edicts have a base duration of 10 years.



Source Edict cost bonus
  Spiritualist ethic -5%
  Fanatic Spiritualist ethic -10%
  Charismatic ruler trait -10%
  Cutthroat Politics civic -20%
  Subsumed Will civic -20%
  OTA Updates civic -20%
Source Edict duration bonus
  Executive Vigor ascension perk +50%
  Imperial Cult civic +25%
  Charismatic ruler trait +20%
  Proclamation Broadcasts repeatable technology +10%

Influence Edicts

Edict Cost Effects Requirements Description
Map The Stars 100     +25% Survey Speed
  +10% Anomaly Discovery Chance
This Edict pushes for further galactic exploration, to bring light to the darkness and find what wonders lie beyond.
Capacity Overload 300     +20% Monthly Energy Credits   Global Energy Management This Edict allows short-term overloading of energy grids, letting power plants across our empire run at increased capacity.
Production Targets 300     +20% Monthly Minerals   Colonial Centralization This Edict is a focused administrative effort to reprioritize and re-evaluate production goals, yielding a boost to mining output.
Farming Subsidies 200     +20% Monthly Food   Hydroponics This Edict provides aggressive economic stimulus for positive, quantifiable impacts on food production.
Research Grants 200     +10% Research Speed    Materialist This Edict favors our researchers with additional funds.
Declare Saint 200     +15% Unity    Spiritualist This Edict will bestow sainthood upon a deceased individual who led a particularly pious life, creating a new unifying symbol.
Peace Festivals 200     +10% Happiness    Pacifist This Pacifist Edict fosters a spirit of unity and good cheer through whole seasons filled with special events and festivals.
Information Quarantine 200     +50% Governing Ethics Attraction    Authoritarian This Edict puts strict checks on the flow of information, better preserving local cultural identities.
Encourage Political Thought 200     +50% Ethics Shift Chance    Egalitarian This Edict Encourages the populace to openly discuss political matters, even if the path taken may lead them astray.
Land of Opportunity 200     +100% Immigration Pull
  Pop Growth from Immigration
   Xenophile This Edict creates targeted PR campaigns that frame our empire as being on the cutting edge, a new social frontier - a place where anyone can thrive, a fresh start.
Diplomatic Grants 100     +50% Trust Growth
  +10% Trade Attractiveness
Not   Gestalt Consciousness
Not   Barbaric Despoilers
Not    Xenophobe
Communications with at least one other empire
This Edict initiates a diplomatic offensive in a concentrated effort to improve the image of our empire in the eyes of others.

Strategic Resources Edicts

Advanced Resources Edicts cost an amount of advanced resources proportional to the Empire Size.

Edict Cost Effects Description
Terraforming Gasses 25     +50% Terraforming Speed By employing exotic gases to the terraforming process, we are able to achieve progress at a much faster rate.

Requires the   Terrestrial Sculpting technology

Volatile Land Clearance 25     -25% Clear Blocker Cost
  -25% Clear Blocker Time
By using volatile motes for their explosive capabilities, we are able to clear difficult terrain at a much faster rate.
Crystalline Sensors 25     +1 Ship Sensor Range By employing rare crystals to boost our sensors, we are able to gain a crystal clear picture of our surroundings.
Exotic Gases as Fuel 50     +15% Sublight Speed Various exotic gases also function as excellent fuel for sublight travel, although perhaps not the most economical alternative.
Exotic Gases for Shield Boost 50     +25% Shield Hit Points Some exotic gasses can be utilized for boosting ships' shield capabilities. They can create complex dampening fields to repel and soften enemy attacks.
Focusing Crystals 50     +25% Energy Weapon Damage By increasing our ships' access to rare crystals, we are able to increase the damage of their energy weapons.
Volatile Ammunition 50     +25% Kinetic Weapon Damage We are able to deploy volatile motes as an explosive in our ships' ammunition.
Volatile Explosives 50     +25% Explosive Weapon Damage By using volatile motes to construct specialized missiles, our ships will have greater destructive capabilities.
Volatile Reactive Armor 50     +25% Armor Hit Points By enhancing our ships' armor with a reactive component, our ships are able to absorb more damage by reducing incoming damage in a controlled counter-explosion.
Living Metal Mega-Construction 50     +50% Megastructure Build Speed The inherent properties of living metal makes it perfect for improving megastructure construction.
Nanite Actuators 50     +10% Research Speed Simple but powerful nanoactuators, allowing for complex manipulations and experiments at mesoscopic scales.


Campaigns cost   energy or   food and are unlocked by the   Planetary Unification technology.

Edict Cost Effects Requirements Description
Education Campaign 1000     +25% Leader Experience Gain Not   Gestalt Consciousness Back to school! By momentarily spending resources to promote higher education programs among our leaders, their skills will improve at a faster rate.
Recycling Campaign 1000     -10% Pop Consumer Goods Upkeep Not   Gestalt Consciousness The populace must be taught to limit wasteful consumption of resources. A public awareness campaign to promote recycling will momentarily lower our consumer goods cost.
Healthcare Campaign 1000     +10% Pop Growth Speed Not   Gestalt Consciousness Diet, regular exercise and sleeping patterns all combine to affect the health of our population. By promoting a healthier lifestyle, their life expectancy will go up.
Fear Campaign 1000     +10% Monthly Unity
  +25% Xenophobe Ethics Attraction
Communications with at least one other empire
The vile and beastly nature of the xeno must be communicated to our people. They must accept the truth that we stand alone in a sea of alien filth.
Drone Campaign 1000     +10% Pop Assembly Speed   Machine Intelligence By allocating additional resources to our production facilities, we are able to produce new worker drones at an even quicker pace.
Machine Learning Campaign 1000     +25% Leader Experience Gain   Machine Intelligence By allocating additional resources to our autonomous drones, they are able to increase the rate at which their self-learning algorithms improve their overall productivity.
Drone Campaign 500     +10% Pop Growth Speed   Hive Mind By allocating additional biomass to our spawning pools, we are able to produce new worker drones at an even quicker pace.
Learning Campaign 500     +25% Leader Experience Gain   Hive Mind By providing our autonomous drones with additional nutrients, we are able to increase their productivity.
War Drone Campaign 500     +15% Army Damage   Hive Mind By allocating our war drones additional nutrients, we are able to increase their strength and combat readiness.


Ambitions become available with the   Ascension Theory technology and are the most powerful available edicts. They cost base   Unity equal to the next tradition to activate, but do not further increase tradition costs. They are the only use for   Unity after all traditions are adopted.

Edict Effects Description
Scientific Revolution
  •   +20% Research Speed
  •   +1 Research Alternatives
A brief yet highly productive golden age of scientific discovery. The combination of fearlessness, ingenuity and unbridled optimism can take you far.
Desperate Measures
  •   +100% Ship Build Speed during a Defensive War
  •   +40% Home Territory Fire Rate
The cornered animal is indeed the most dangerous, as our enemies will soon find out. No effort must be spared to ensure our continued survival.
Fortress Proclamation
  •   +100% Starbase Upgrade Speed
  •   +100% Defense Platform build Speed
Our frontiers shall be an unassailable line, and they will convey a clear message to our most ambitious neighbors - this far, no further!
Architectural Renaissance
  •   +50% Megastructure Build Speed
  •   +100% Planet Build Speed
  • +1 Megastructure Build Capacity
It is construction on a scale that previous generations could only dream of. Megastructures may well become the true legacy of our civilization.
Hearts and Minds
  •   +100% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   +100% Ethics Shift Chance
A concentrated propaganda effort to make the populace understand the merits of the government's position. Ultimately, it is for their own good.
Omnifarious Acquisition
  •   +33% Monthly Minerals
Everything that can be spared will be recycled and used. Our ambitions require all the resources we can possibly find.
Grand Fleet
  •   +20% Naval Capacity
  •   -20% Ship Upkeep
Our galactic ambitions require that the construction of A Grand Fleet must be our primary goal.
Will to Power
  •   +5 Monthly Influence
As power is simply the ability to impose one's will on others, the will to power is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Event Edicts

Event edicts work like empire edicts but are made available only by the completion of certain event chains.

Edict Cost Effects Requirements Description
Extensive Sensor Searches 200  
  •   +1 Sensor Range
  •   +2 Ship Hyperlane Detection Range
Resolved Abandoned Sensor Array anomaly by trying to activate it for the first time After having researched advanced sensor technology we have enough information to pour extra resources into enhancing our own search scans. Our technicians would have an easier time finding objects of interest at the edge of our systems with this initiative.
Improved Energy Initiative 200  
  •   -5% Pop Consumer Goods Upkeep
  •   +10% Research Speed (  Industry)
  •   +10% Research Speed (  Materials)
Resolved The Fumes Lie Thick anomaly by not activating robots for the first time We can further limit the use of toxic fuels and non-renewable resources in order to promote research into new methods of energy production. This could help us come closer to a perfect energy cycle and improve the environment for our people to enjoy.
Improved Working Environment 200  
  •   +5% Happiness
  •   +10% Research Speed (  Biology)
  •   +10% Research Speed (  Statecraft)
Resolved Echoes from the Deep anomaly by caring about researchers well-being for the first time Spending time and resources to improve the working conditions of our people will surely result in better results and happier workers.
Master's Teachings: Diplomatic Trust 100  
  •   +100% Trust Growth
Resolved Teachings of Traders anomaly with research Translations of an alien philosopher's teachings. Her anecdotes from diplomatic negotiations could act as a good base for diplomatic negotiations.
Master's Teachings: Philosophical Mindset 100  
  •   +1 Leader Pool Size
  •   +10% Society Research Speed
Resolved Teachings of Explorers anomaly with research Translations of an alien philosopher's teachings. It contains several analysis and ponderings on the meaning of life and the purpose of the cosmos. By having our rulers follow these advice we can make more informed decisions.
Master's Teachings: The Greater Good 100  
  •   −10% Building Cost
  •   −10% District Cost
  •   +10% Planet Build Speed
Resolved Teachings of Settlers anomaly with research Translations of an alien philosopher's teachings. By following her advice on how to unify the people via self-sacrifice we could make great strides in infrastructure.
Master's Teachings: Warring States 100  
  •   +10% Naval Capacity
  •   −15% Army Upkeep
Resolved Teachings of Warriors anomaly with research Translations of an alien philosopher's teachings. Her depictions of war and ideas on combat strategy could make for excellent training material for our military.
Numistic Visualization 200  
  •   -5% Pop Consumer Goods Upkeep
  •   +10% Research Speed (  Statecraft)
  •   +10% Monthly Energy Credits
Bought the edict from the Numistic Order Caravaneer fleet The active use of Numistic visualization techniques will refocus our people's attention from personal gain to cosmic energy production. To achieve something, you must first visualize it.