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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

In order to represent the struggles a empire will face in attempting to maintain control over a diverse population, Stellaris includes a system where units of an empire's population can join factions. These factions can gain support and militancy, and press the empire with demands (such as for independence).

Factions can be interacted with in various ways. Each method has its cost, but can help when dealing with that faction.

Known faction types

Name Conditions Demands Actions Description
Loyalists[1] (Pseudo-Faction)
  • none
  • none
  • none[?]
The Loyalist faction is the main faction of our Empire. Loyal Pops are satisfied with the status quo and will not seek radical change.
Planetary Separatist Faction[1]
  • Planet is directly controlled.
  • Indepent[sic] [planet]
  • Grant Independence:
    • Grant the colony on [planet] independence as a Vassal Empire.
    • Cost: unknown
  • Bribe Leaders:
    • -10% support
    • Cost: Energy.png 200, Influence.png 200
Planetary separatists may appear on colonized worlds and seek to free the planet from imperial rule. Given enough popular Support, they may even take up arms.