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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.
Federations.png Federations
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Release date / Patch
2020-03-17 / 2.6

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This article is about the game expansion. For the game mechanics see Federations.

Federations is the 4th major expansion for Stellaris. It was announced on 2019-10-19 and released on 2020-03-17 accompanied by the free 2.6 patch.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

  • Form new types of Federations, each with unique passive effects, and level them up to unlock perks. Customize them further through the new Federation Laws.
  • Join the Galactic Community and pass resolutions by voting with the rest of the Community to make the galaxy a better place for everyone. Or slowly build up your diplomatic weight, and become the senate!
  • Do you species live on Habitats after the destruction of their homeworld? Or did your Empire discover nearby allies that it formed a Federation with? Access to no less than 8 Origins.
  • Bigger is better! The Juggernaut is a new ship class as large as a starbase that can build and repair ships in the field, turning your offensive fleet into an unstoppable force!
  • A new Megastructure with a name so fitting you wonder how we even thought of it. The Mega Shipyard will allow you to build ships quicker and in more numbers than ever before, having up to 30 shipyards and passively increase your empires Ship build speed, while also starting ships off with some XP.
  • Show off your soft power with 10 new Steam achievements.

Free features[edit | edit source]

  • Envoys have been added to the game. A Mini-leader that you don't need to hire, but you have a limited amount of. Meant to be used to improve or harm relationships with other Empires, to increase your Federations Cohesion, or to increase your Diplomatic Weight in the Galactic Community. Envoys are displayed in the top bar with informative tooltips. Various civics, traditions, edicts, and buildings affect envoy number and effectiveness.
  • Empires now have a Diplomatic Stance. These can be found under Policies and set your empire's general disposition towards other empires. Isolationist? Belligerent? Cooperative? Each comes with its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. Some civics add or remove options.
  • Diplomacy action view and response view now have background colors depending on if the action is aggressive, positive, negative or neutral.
  • A new way to customize your Empires, by choosing their Origin story.
  • The Commonwealth of Man now always spawns somewhere if playing UNE, reflecting their origin.
  • Strike Crafts now have an engagement_range, making a pure hangar based design viable. Modifier: ship_engagement_range_mult
  • Added a generic way to block archetypes in create_species effect.
  • Updates for Lithoids; added a prescripted Lithoid empire, notifications for Terravore consumption success,
  • Fleet reinforcement is now handled as an MIA event: When a ship is built to reinforce a fleet that is not in their system, they will go MIA for as long as it would have taken them to get to the fleet. In order to reinforce, a path with no hostiles (including pirates and space wildlife) blocking the way to the fleet must exist.
  • Species traits, civics, and traditions for empire sprawl and administrative capacity, including Hive Mind variants.
  • Added a new free archaeological site, and a new one for Ancient Relics.
  • Added a colony event chain about dancing.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries
Stellaris: Federations expansion feature breakdown.
Stellaris: Federations release trailer.
Stellaris: Federations story trailer.
Stellaris: Federations announcement trailer.

All developer diaries about the Federations expansion, patch 2.6 (aka Verne) and patch 2.7 (aka Wells).

Patch 2.7 (Wells)
No. Title and Link Description Date
18 Federations is out, now what? A mention of Tiyanki improvements in the May update. 2020-03-26
19 Space Fauna Space creatures tweaks and resolutions related to them. 2020-04-03
20 Habitat Tiers Upcoming changes to habitats, their districts, buildings and tech. 2020-04-09
21 Edict Rework A subject dear to the hearts of many galactic rulers - namely Edicts! 2020-04-23
22 Federal improvements (UI and more!) Improvements to federations for the upcoming free update! 2020-04-30
23 4th Anniversary & 2.7 'Wells' Update A look at the space journey Stellaris had over the past years. 2020-05-07
24 DLC Visibility Experiment Experimentation on how DLC is shown in game. 2020-05-14
25 Dev Diary Summer Hiatus The Swedish summer downtime is upon us 2020-06-26
Patch 2.6 (Verne)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Empire Sprawl & Administrative Capacity Changes that aim to give a more important role to Empire Sprawl 2019-08-29
2 Origins New dedicated background stories for your empire, derived from Civics 2019-09-26
3 Federation rework Types, Perks, Laws and Internal mechanics of Federations 2019-10-31
4 Galactic Community A look to its creation, Resolutions, Diplomatic weight, Favors, Galactic Council and Focus 2019-11-07
5 Origins Full Reveal A list of all 18 Origins that will be present at the release 2019-11-14
6 Development Update An update on performance and AI development and a tentative release window for Federation 2019-11-21
7 New Diplomatic Features Envoys, Diplomacy interface, Diplomatic Stances and Favors 2019-11-28
8 Juggernaut & Mega Shipyard New Spaceship and Megastructure 2019-12-05
9 Summary of the Year 2019 2019 journey retrospective and changes in Stellaris Dev team composition 2019-12-12
10 Ready for 2020! Polish progress update and information about upcoming Q&A sessions 2020-01-16
11 Federation Q&A Q&A sessions about the Federation rework 2020-01-23
12 Galactic Community Q&A Q&A sessions about the Galactic Community 2020-01-30
13 Diplomacy Q&A Q&A sessions about General Diplomacy, Diplomatic stances, Diplomatic Weight, Diplomatic Relations and Envoys 2020-02-06
14 Origins Q&A Q&A related to Origins events, civics and Fallen Empires' Origins 2020-02-13
15 Performance and other technical issues Summary of causes of performance issues and a demonstration of the improvement. 2020-02-20
16 Reworking the AI A look at the AI mechanics and plans to improve it. 2020-03-05
17 Federations is soon upon us! (with patch notes) Patch notes for 2.6. 2020-03-12

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