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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Game Settings are the various changes that the player can make before starting a single player or multiplayer game. These settings can be used to make game sessions shorter or longer, simpler or more complex, as well as to increase the difficulty if desired.


When starting a new game, the player may choose which type of galaxy they are to play in. An empire’s expansion is limited to the galactic plane, so the shape of the galaxy will affect play. Which galaxy types are accessible at the start of the game is determined by how many stars the galaxy is to have.

Galaxy shape

There are 3 different types of galaxies available, with 2 variants of the spiral galaxy for a total of 4 possible galaxy shape options.

Type Min Galaxy Size Description
Elliptical.png Elliptical Tiny Elliptical galaxies have the stars placed in a ellipsoidal pattern, resulting in an evenly distributed geography. Expansion is mostly unhindered. It is also the Default map.
Spiral 2.png Spiral  (2 arms) Small Spiral galaxies have the stars placed in arms that extend out in a spiral pattern. A spiral galaxy provides an interesting geography as the galactic arms are sparsely connected to each other.
Spiral 4.png Spiral  (4 arms) Medium
Ring Galaxy.png Ring Tiny Ring galaxies have the stars placed in a ring shape around the galactic core, making it easier to cut other empires off from the rest of the galaxy than it is with any other shape. Expansion is limited to a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. An inner ring surrounds the galactic core

Galaxy size

In addition to the galaxy shape, the size of the galaxy can also be chosen at the beginning of the game, ranging from 200 to 1000 stars. The size of the galaxy affects the number of stars, as well as how many AI Empires, Fallen Empires and Apocalypse.png Marauder Empires can be generated at the start of the game.

Size Stars Maximum AI empires Maximum fallen empires Apocalypse.png Maximum marauder empires Origins imperial fiefdom.png Imperial Fiefdom vassals Radius
Tiny 200 6 1 1 1 200
Small 400 12 2 2 2 300
Medium 600 18 3 2 3 400
Large 800 24 4 3 4 450
Huge 1000 30 5 3 4 450

Game details

Hyperlane density 0.5X
Hyperlane density 2.75X
Hyperlane density full
  • AI Empires – Determines the number of AI empires that spawn at the same time as human players. Number ranges are dependent on galaxy size; minimum can be set at zero.
  • Advanced AI Starts – Determines the number of advanced empires. Can range from 0 to all of the AI empires.
  • Fallen Empires – The max number of Fallen Empires that can spawn. There can be no more than 5 Fallen Empires, one of each kind. (Ancient Caretakers is only available with Synthetic Dawn.png Synthetic Dawn DLC)
  • Tech/ Tradition Cost – Determines the costs of technology, traditions and ambitions for regular empires. Does not affect event rewards. Ranges from 0.25× to 5×.
  • Habitable Worlds – Increases or decreases the chance of planets being habitable. Ranges from 0.25X to 5X.
  • Primitive Civilizations – Increases or decreases the chance of primitive civilizations spawning. Ranges from 0× (no primitives) to 1× (3% chance per system) to 5× (15% chance per system).
  • Crisis Strength – Determines the bonus that endgame crisis ships get. Ranges from 0× (no crisis) to 25×. Base crisis ship bonus is multiplied by the number of this slider.
  • Crisis Type – Determines which one of the endgame crises will appear. Can be set to a specific one or at random.
  • Mid-Game Start Year – Determines earliest year whereby mid-game events can occur. Default is 2300.
  • End-Game Start Year – Determines earliest year whereby end-game events can occur. Default is 2400.
  • Victory Year – Determines when the empire with the highest score is declared winner. Setting it to max disables victory. Default is 2500.
  • AI Aggressiveness – Determines how likely the AI is to declare war on empires if they have negative attitude as well as how many fleets will it use for offense.
  • Empire Placement – Determines whether empires will be placed in clusters to increase the likelihood that you'll have some neighbors or placed at random.
  • Advanced Neighbors – Determines whether advanced AI empires can spawn next to human players or not.
  • Hyperlane Density – Determines number of hyperlanes in the galaxy. Ranges from 0.5× to 2.75× to Full. Full density removes clusters and choke points.
  • Abandoned Gateways – Determines number of abandoned gateways in the galaxy. Ranges from 0× (no gateways) to 5×.
  • Wormhole Pairs – Determines number of wormhole pairs in the galaxy. Ranges from 0× (no wormholes except the one leading to the Sealed System) to 5×.
  • Guaranteed Habitable Worlds – Creates a number of habitable planets of the same class as the homeworld close to every empire's starting system. Default is 2. Some origins disable or modify the guaranteed worlds.
  • Logistic Growth Ceiling – Determines the pop growth bonuses when planets are in the middle of their logistic curve. Higher values negatively affect late-game performance.
  • Growth Required Scaling – Determines how many growth points are required for new pops to be created. Lower values negatively affect late-game performance.
  • Apocalypse.png Marauder Empires – The max number of marauder empires that can spawn.
  • Distant Stars.png L-Gates – Determines whether the L-Gates will spawn.
  • MegaCorp.png Caravaneers – Determines whether the Caravaneers will spawn.
  • MegaCorp.png Xeno-Compatibility – Determines whether the Ap xeno compatibility.png Xeno-Compatibility ascension perk can be picked.

Advanced empires

Advanced empires are AI empires that start with an advantage over human players. They get the following benefits to have a head start:

  • Alloys.png 500 Alloys
  • Influence.png 200 Influence
  • Food.png 1000 Food if not Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence
  • Energy.png 1000 Energy if not Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence
  • Energy.png 2000 Energy if Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence
  • Consumer goods.png 500 Consumer Goods if not Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
  • Minerals.png 1000 Minerals if not Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
  • Minerals.png 1500 Minerals if Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
  • Tech planetary unification.png Planetary Unification technology
  • 3–7 extra corvettes
  • 2–5 extra systems with stations built over all deposits
  • 0–3 extra Starport-level starbases
  • Mining or research station over every deposit within borders
  • Guaranteed habitable worlds are colonized and developed

Game phases

The following events take place after Mid-Game:

  • Ancient Mining Drones and Crystalline Entities can expand
  • Rulers can have the Public Debates agenda
  • Space storms can occur
  • Fleet Maneuvers event can trigger
  • Fallen empires offer better gifts
  • Leviathans.png Spectral Wraith can emerge from the germinating pulsar
  • Synthetic Dawn.png AI rebellions can take place
  • Apocalypse.png Marauder mercenary fleets become available
  • Apocalypse.png Marauder empires can become The Horde
  • Distant Stars.png AI empires discover L-Gate clues faster
  • Distant Stars.png Enigmatic Cache can emerge from a gateway or L-gate
  • Ancient Relics.png Ancient Tomb archaeology site can appear
  • Federations The On the Shoulders of Giants event chain starts
  • Federations The Crystalline Empire enclave can spawn

The following events take place after End-Game

  • Endgame crises can trigger
  • Fallen Empires can awaken
  • The Bemat Thalassocracy can appear
  • Fewer random espionage events happen
  • Apocalypse.png Marauder empires can no longer become The Horde
  • Distant Stars.png AI empires discover L-gate clues faster


The difficulty setting increases the difficulty of the game for a greater challenge, with higher difficulties granting bonuses to AI empires. Higher difficulty also increases the strength of the endgame crisis. AI vassals of human players receive bonuses as though difficulty were one level lower.

Scaling difficulty causes the AI (or human) empires and spaceborne aliens difficulty bonuses to start at zero and scale up over the course of the game, reaching the bonus defined by difficulty level at the End-Game year.

Difficulty AI bonuses Spaceborne aliens bonuses Endgame crisis bonuses Guardian bonuses Player bonuses
Cadet None None None None
  • Mod pop resource output.png +50% Resources from jobs and stations
  • Mod navy size add.png +50% Naval capacity
  • Mod planet stability add.png +10 Stability
  • Mod trade value mult.png +50% Trade value
Ensign None
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +30% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +30% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +30% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +30% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +90% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +90% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +90% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +90% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +15% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +15% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +15% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +15% Shields
  • Mod pop resource output.png +25% Resources from jobs and stations
  • Mod navy size add.png +15% Naval capacity
  • Mod ship upkeep mult.png −10% Ship upkeep
  • Mod spaceport module cost mult.png −10% Starbase shipyard cost
  • Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png −25% Resettlement cost
  • Mod planet stability add.png +5 Stability
  • Mod trade value mult.png +25% Trade value
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +35% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +35% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +35% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +35% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +105% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +105% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +105% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +105% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +17.5% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +17.5% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +17.5% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +17.5% Shields
  • Mod pop resource output.png +50% Resources from jobs and stations
  • Mod navy size add.png +30% Naval capacity
  • Mod ship upkeep mult.png −20% Ship upkeep
  • Mod spaceport module cost mult.png −20% Starbase shipyard cost
  • Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png −50% Resettlement cost
  • Mod planet stability add.png +10 Stability
  • Mod trade value mult.png +50% Trade value
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +40% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +40% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +40% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +40% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +120% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +120% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +120% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +120% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +20% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +20% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +20% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +20% Shields
  • Mod pop resource output.png +75% Resources from jobs and stations
  • Mod navy size add.png +45% Naval capacity
  • Mod ship upkeep mult.png −30% Ship upkeep
  • Mod spaceport module cost mult.png −30% Starbase shipyard cost
  • Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png −75% Resettlement cost
  • Mod planet stability add.png +15 Stability
  • Mod trade value mult.png +75% Trade value
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +45% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +45% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +45% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +45% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +135% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +135% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +135% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +135% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +22.5% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +22.5% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +22.5% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +22.5% Shields
Grand Admiral
  • Mod pop resource output.png +100% Resources from jobs and stations
  • Mod navy size add.png +60% Naval capacity
  • Mod ship upkeep mult.png −40% Ship upkeep
  • Mod spaceport module cost mult.png −40% Starbase shipyard cost
  • Mod pop resettlement cost mult.png −100% Resettlement cost
  • Mod planet stability add.png +20 Stability
  • Mod trade value mult.png +100% Trade value
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +50% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +50% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +50% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +50% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +150% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +150% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +150% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +150% Shields
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +25% Weapons damage
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +25% Hull
  • Mod ship armor mult.png +25% Armor
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +25% Shields

Ironman mode

Ironman is an optional game mode that restricts the player’s control over their save file, effectively removing the ability to correct mistakes and change decisions made during the course of play. In ironman mode, saving manually is disabled and the game runs on a single save file that gets overwritten every time a significant action is taken. Console commands are also disabled.

Achievements can only be unlocked in ironman mode. If the checksum is modified by the presence of gameplay mods, ironman mode will not grant achievements.