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F1 Government
F2 Empire
F3 Contacts
F4 Ship Designer
F5 Situation Log
F6 Technology
Z 1st tab in active menu
X 2nd tab in active menu
C 3rd tab in active menu
V 4th tab in active menu
ESC Close active menu
Open main menu


WASD Pan camera
Q Camera Focus
Go To selected
E Open/Close Galaxy Map
R Reset camera rotation
F System search
Alt Details Mapmode
Go to home system
RMB Dismiss notification
Unassign leader
Go To outliner object
1,2,3... Select control group
Ctrl+1,2,3... Create control group
Shift+LMB Add fleet to selection
LMB Double-Click Focus on double-clicked object
MMB + Mouse Pan camera
RMB + Mouse Rotate camera (system/galaxy)

Free rotation around Focused object

Numpad + Increase game speed
Numpad - Decrease game speed
Space Pause