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Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. At least some were last verified for version 1.5.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Main Menu

N New Game
M Multiplayer
L Load Game
C Credits
S Settings
E Exit
ESC Close active menu

Interface Menu

F1 Government
F2 Contacts
F3 Situation Log
F4 Technology
F5 Planet and Sectors
F6 Policies and Edicts
F7 Factions
F8 Traditions
F9 Expansion Planner
F10 Ship Designer
Z 1st tab in active menu
X 2nd tab in active menu
C 3rd tab in active menu
V 4th tab in active menu
ESC Close active menu
Open main menu

Government Menu

Z Government
X Budget
C Demographics
ESC Close Government menu

Map Modes Menu

Ctrl-Z Empire Map Mode
Ctrl-X Diplomatic Map Mode
Ctrl-C Opinion Map Mode
Ctrl-V AI Attitude Map Mode

Situation Log Menu

Z Situation Log
X Victory
ESC Close Situation Log menu

Technology Menu

Z Physics
X Society
C Engineering
V Researched Technologies
ESC Close Technology menu

Planet Menu

Z Planet Summary
X Surface
C Armies
V Spaceport
B Build
Q Go to
ESC Close Planet menu

Ship Menu

G Merge
H Stop
B Return
C Move
X Attack target
T Fleet stance
V Split fleet
Q Go to
ESC Close Ship menu
Delete Disband ship


TAB cycles through your star-systems
Shift-TAB cycles backwards through your star-systems
WASD Pan camera
Q Camera Focus
Go To selected
Open/Close Galaxy Map
R Reset camera rotation
Alt Details Mapmode
Go to home system
F System search
L Multiplayer Chat
O Outliner Open/Close
RMB Dismiss notification
Unassign leader
Go To outliner object
CTRL+ALT+Left click "Ping" a location in multiplayer
1,2,3... Select control group
Ctrl+1,2,3... Create control group
Shift+LMB Add fleet to selection
LMB Double-Click Focus on double-clicked object
MMB + Mouse Pan camera
RMB + Mouse Rotate camera (system/galaxy)

Free rotation around Focused object

Numpad + Increase game speed
Numpad - Decrease game speed
Space Pause
Ctrl + F9 Hide user interface