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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.
Although second to space battles, ground warfare is a vital aspect of many wars.

Wars are not decided only in space. In order to capture enemy planets entire armies will be needed, and the preparation and battlefield awareness to properly use them.


Ground combat takes place between the planet owner's defense armies and the invader's assault armies. The number of armies that can be engaged in combat on either side is half the size of the planet. Armies not engaged in combat will be placed a row behind the fighting armies and replace any killed army.

Each time an army deals damage there is a very small chance it will cause Collateral Damage, which can kill pops, ruin buildings or create tile blockers.

Each army has a morale value, and once moral drops low enough the army will be negatively affected with the following modifiers;

  • <50% - -25% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage
  • 0% - -75% Mod army damage mult.png Army Damage

Armies gain experience from combat and can rank up. Higher rank armies are more effective in combat.

An attacker can always attempt to retreat. However there is a significant chance that each retreating army is destroyed while attempting to return to space, making retreat a risky endeavour and something to do only in very poorly chosen engagements.

Defense Armies

Defense armies are automatically recruited by certain buildings from the species working them and can be robotic or organic. They are stationed on planets and used to defend against enemy armies. Defense armies are strong but a significant investment of resources is required to muster more than a token defense. Their combat ability is also improved by certain technologies.

Building Defense Armies
Building capital 1.png Planetary Administration AAA
Building capital 2.png Planetary Capital AAA
Building capital 3.png Empire Capital-Complex AAA
Building fortress.png Fortress 5
Building military academy.png Military Academy AAA

Assault Armies

An empire can recruit armies of any species that is present within its borders, as long as there are members of that species living on the planet which the army is recruited from. Unlike Defense Armies they are based in space and each recruited army will board a transport ship. Transport ships are unarmed but automatically upgraded with the latest defense components.

The amount of armies an empire can build from a species is limited to the number of pops of that species living within the empire. Titanic beasts are limited to three per empire and lost armies cannot be replaced.

Army Type Cost Time Army Damage Morale Damage Collateral Damage Health Morale Maintenance Requirements Description
Army assault.png Assault Army Minerals.png60 Time90 1.72 - 3.45 1.98 - 3.96 AAA 230 230 Energy Credits.png0.33 Starter Assault armies come with their own transports and can invade other planets.
Army assault.png Elite Guard Army

Energy Credits.png15

Time115 2.62 - 5.25 4.59 - 9.18 AAA 350 350 Energy Credits.png0.50 Despotic Hegemony or Illuminated Autocracy government
Each ruler can only recruit one Elite Guard Army
The ruler's personal elite guard force.
Army slave.png Slave Army Minerals.png20 Time60 1.73 - 3.45 1.73 - 3.45 AAA 230 200 Energy Credits.png0.25 Tech neural implants.png Neural Implants
Slave Processing Facility on planet
Slave soldiers who serve their masters on the battlefield. Most are conscripted by force, but many slaves volunteer in a desperate attempt to increase their food rations or escape from grueling labor.
Army clone.png Clone Army Minerals.png60 Time30 1.88 - 3.75 2.34 - 4.69 AAA 250 250 Energy Credits.png0.33 Tech cloning.png Cloning
Clone Vats on planet
Vat-grown clones that reach adulthood in a matter of months. With a natural lifespan of less than a decade, their lack of personal initiative is deemed an acceptable trade-off for their total obedience to officers.
Army robotic.png Robotic Assault Army Energy Credits.png15
Time90 1.65 - 3.30 1.65 - 3.30 AAA 400 immune Energy Credits.png0.50 Tech droid workers.png Droids tech Cold and heartless killing-machines designed only for war. They pursue their objectives relentlessly, and are impervious to the shattering effects of poor morale that so often plague organic combat units.
Army robotic.png Android Assault Army Energy Credits.png20
Time120 3.00 - 6.00 3.00 - 6.00 AAA 500 immune Energy Credits.png1.00 Tech synthetic workers.png Synthetics tech Semi-autonomous cogs in a well-oiled war machine, android combatants are more resilient, aggressive, and responsive to changing battlefield conditions than their robotic predecessors.
Army psionic.png Psionic Army Energy Credits.png50
Time360 3.00 - 6.00 7.89 - 15.75 AAA 350 600 Energy Credits.png1.00 Tech telepathy.png Telepathy Soldiers gifted with psionic abilities. Their focus on destructive psionic powers has led to drastically different tactics and strategies on the battlefield – their first objective is always to remove the enemy's willingness to fight.
Army gene warrior.png Gene Warrior Army Energy Credits.png50
Time360 3.00 - 6.00 6.00 - 12.00 AAA 400 400 Energy Credits.png1.00 Tech gene seed purification.png Gene Seed Purification Genetically enhanced super soldiers. Recruits are typically chosen from the elite of the conventional military forces. These then undergo extensive gene therapy, and are made larger, stronger, and faster than their peers.
Army xenomorph.png Xenomorph Army Energy Credits.png25
Time360 3.75 - 7.50 3.75 - 7.50 AAA 400 200 Energy Credits.png0.75 Tech morphogenetic field mastery.png Morphogenetic Field Mastery Ravenous hordes of bio-engineered horrors made up of little more than teeth, claws, and an instinctive urge to kill. A cadre of scientists monitor and supervise the raging swarms as best they can from hardened bunkers behind the front.
Army xenomorph.png Titanic Beast Energy Credits.png50
Time90 4.50 - 9.00 4.50 - 9.00 AAA 1000 400 Energy Credits.png0.80 Titanic Lifeforms Planet Event Chain Research breakthroughs have enabled us to train Titanic Lifeforms into military units, but due to the rarity of suitable subjects we will be only field a limited number of these Armies at a time.

Army Type Cost Time Army Damage Morale Damage Collateral Damage Health Morale Maintenance Requirements Description
Army psionic.png Avatar event event 3.00 - 6.00 9.00 - 18.00 AAA 1400 800 none gained from a Shroud event A colossal warrior from the Shroud that has been forged out of pure psionic energy.

Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence empires cannot build armies used by organic species, not even robotic or android armies. Instead they have their own set of armies. While their armies do have morale, it is far too high to ever be depleted.

Army Type Cost Time Army Damage Morale Damage Collateral Damage Health Morale Maintenance Requirements Description
Army assault m.png Hunter-Killer Army Minerals.png60 Time90 1.72 - 3.45 1.98 - 3.96 AAA 230 2000 Energy Credits.png0.33 Starter Mass-produced tracked war machines designed to seek out and destroy everything that has been designated as an enemy.
Army assault m.png Battle Frame Army Energy Credits.png20
Time100 2.25 - 4.50 3.37 - 6.75 AAA 500 2000 Energy Credits.png0.60 Tech adaptive combat algorithms.png Adaptive Combat Algorithms Large, bipedal warbots that are surprisingly fast and mobile given the heavy armaments they carry. They are quite intelligent and renowned for the insidious tactics they often employ.
Army assault m.png Mega-Warform Energy Credits.png50
Time360 3.00 - 6.00 6.00 - 12.00 AAA 600 2000 Energy Credits.png1.00 Tech biomechanics.png Biomechanics This single colossal warform towers over the battlefield and its massed firepower exceeds that of most armies. Bringing one of these behemoths down is extremely difficult.

Use for Army types

There are a whole bunch of army types in the game. Each one has a specific purpose.

  • Assault Armies / Hunter-Killer Armies are the kind you will use to attack planets, unless you have and can afford a better army. When they are not needed in space, they can operate as a useful defensive army as well. However they are usually too expensive for that on a large scale.
  • Slave Armies are a special kind of Assault armies for Slaver Empires. They are cheaper while offering nearly the same performance as Assault armies. If they have access to them, Slavers should usually use them over Assault Armies.
  • Clone Armies while having the same Build and Maintenance cost as normal Assault Armies, these are superior in Production time and combat ability. If available they can effortlessly replace Assault Armies.
  • Robot Armies / Droid Armies These are special armies available for Empires going along the AI Robotics path. While they can be recruited just by having the next technology and are quite powerful, they cost a minor premium in energy maintenance. Their most special feature is that they are immune to morale damage. They are not affected by the AI policy selection and do not need any population to recruit them from. AI rebellions will use them exclusively.
  • Psionics Armies / Gene Warrior Armies / Mega-Warforms costly but highly effective armies that are especially effective at damaging enemy morale. Fallen Empires will use these armies almost exclusively.
  • Xenomorph Armies are basically barely controllable Zerg Broods. The most powerful normal army you can employ when it comes to raw damage and a benefit of going for the Genetic Engineering line.

Orbital Bombardment

Orbital bombardment occurs when a fleet is in orbit around a hostile planet. Effectiveness is based on the naval capacity of the fleet in orbit, reaching its peak at a fleet of 200 naval capacity, and its damaging effect depends on the orbital bombardment stance, which is limited to the Orbital Bombardment Policy. Orbital bombardment damage is reduced by 75% if the world has a a Planetary Shield Generator, which also cannot be destroyed by it.

Orbital Bombardment damages any defensive army except those provided by a Fortress, but at the cost of causing Planetary Damage (visible in the Armies planet tab). When Planetary Damage reaches 100% a building will be ruined and may kill the working Pop as well. Given enough time Orbital Bombardment can decimate the defending force, though doing so may cause heavy damage to the planet and may delay the attacker long enough that the owner of the planet has time to build up their forces or inflict enough war exhaustion to force a Status Quo peace.

Stance Effect Description
  • Moderate damage to armies and buildings
  • Light damage to Pops
  • Can't kill the last 8 pops on a planet
  • Will not bomb undefended planets
Selective Bombardment targets only identified military sites, taking care to avoid needless civilian casualties.
  • Heavy damage to armies and buildings
  • Moderate damage to Pops
  • Can't kill the last 4 pops on a planet
  • Will bomb undefended planets
Indiscriminate Bombardment targets military and planetary infrastructure with no regard to civilian casualties.
  • Massive damage to armies and buildings
  • Massive damage to Pops
  • Will bomb undefended planets
  • Can turn planets into depopulated Tomb Worlds with enough bombardment
Armageddon Bombardment blankets the planet in heavy ordnance with the explicit aim of maximizing civilian casualties.
  • Light damage to armies and buildings
  • Moderate damage to Pops
  • Can abduct Pops
  • Can't abduct or kill the last 5 pops on a planet
Raiding Bombardment targets enemy population centers with specialized raiding craft that scoop up their people and bring them back to our worlds to put them to work.

Terror Bombing

Orbital bombardment can trigger the "Terror Bombing" opinion modifier. This happens whenever your orbital bombardment successfully kills any pop. The modifier applies to all empires that are not Militarist.png Militarist or Fanatic Militarist.png Fanatic Militarist. Fallen Empires also ignore it, with the exception of the Benevolent Interventionists.

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