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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.
This article is about the game expansion. For the game mechanics see Subject empire.
Overlord.png Overlord
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Release date / Patch
2022-05-12 / 3.4

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Overlord is the 6th expansion for Stellaris. It was announced on 2022-03-17[1] and released on 2022-05-12[2] alongside patch 3.4.

DLC features[edit | edit source]

Gain access to new features designed to unlock the next level of your empire. Guide a galaxy full of potential subjects to glory - or subjugation. New mechanics provide many ways to specialize your vassals' roles within your empire, bring new planets and subjects under your reign, and new magnificent megastructures to project your power further, faster.

Whether you're ruling the galaxy from the bridge of your flagship or from the opulent capital of your magnificent homeworld, Overlord will grant you the following perks of leadership:

Event trigger.png Rulers Make the Rules
  • New vassalization mechanics let you define the role of your new subjects - create new Specialist Empires to grow into economic superpowers, military specialists, and technological creators.
  • Negotiate or demand contracts and agreements between your vassals to define the future of dozens of worlds, and reap the benefits!
Event trigger.png A Galaxy United (Under You)
  • Seek out and unite scattered empires across the stars!
  • As you explore the vast galaxy you'll encounter more unique enclaves of people, from mysterious shroudwalkers to militaristic mercenaries and crafty salvagers. Will you forge a mutually beneficial relationship and earn their unique services, or will they submit to your rule by force?
Event trigger.png Five New Origins to Lord Over
  • Imperial Fiefdom - You may be just a Specialist Empire now, but some day, the galaxy may need a new ruler… shouldn’t it be you?
  • Slingshot to the Stars - The ruined remains of a Quantum Catapult have been discovered near your homeworld - what secrets might it unlock if your people are clever enough to bring it back online?
  • Subterranean - Your species adapted to life underground, excelling in mining and archaeology. See what awaits you far, far above the surface!
  • Teachers of the Shroud - Developing in contact with the curious psions known as the Shroudwalkers, your empire has learned a thing or two about expanding their minds!
  • Progenitor Hive - Under your leadership, this hivemind empire can achieve more than ever before… but without your guidance, the hive will fall to ruin!
Event trigger.png Engineer the Future and Showcase Your Power
  • New feats of technology will give your empire the edge it needs to become the dominant force across the galaxy.
  • Orbital Rings will elevate your influence (and defense) in grand displays of power from your planets further into space.
  • Hyper Relays will give your fleets the ability to enforce your will across the stars faster than ever before.
  • Quantum Catapults enable new ways to react quicker in the galaxy while projecting your might - but it’s a daring one-way trip for your fleet!
  • Four new music tracks to inspire your rise to greatness.

Patch features[edit | edit source]

  • Situations - Include a new system for tracking and interacting with ongoing stories in your empire.
  • Negotiation of Subjugation Agreements - The terms of subjugation agreements can now be negotiated and changed.
  • Allegiance Wars - The Pledge Secret Fealty diplomatic action has been added, which allows subject empires to secretly plot with a new overlord.
  • Overlords can now build a holding on Subject Planets.
  • MegaCorp Improvements as both Overlords and Subjects.
  • Major improvements to Planetary Automation.
  • Automatic Resettlement Improvements.
  • Various AI improvements with a focus on military behavior.
  • Added 73 new flag emblems, 63 new flag backgrounds and 47 new flag colors.
  • Added improved human portraits.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Overlord: Release Trailer. Realize your Grand Design. Gain access to new features designed to unlock the next level of your empire. Guide a galaxy full of potential subjects to glory - or subjugation. New mechanics provide many ways to specialize your vassals’ roles within your empire, bring new planets and subjects under your reign, and new magnificent megastructures to project your power further, faster.
Overlord: Release Date Announcement Trailer. Realize your Grand Design.
Overlord: Announcement Trailer. Realize your Grand Design.

Video diaries[edit | edit source]

Overlord - Feature breakdown. Ep3o is back to tell us what's new and improved in the free 3.4 "Cepheus" update, launching alongside Overlord.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Overlord expansion, and patch 3.4 (aka Cepheus).

Patch 3.4 (Cepheus)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 We have a Situation Explanation and walk-through of the upcoming Situations system and its scope 2022-03-10
2 Announcing Overlord Announcement of the Overlord expansion pack and vassalization mechanic overhaul 2022-03-17
3 New Ways to Rule Review of negotiation of terms for vassals, spending vassal loyalty, and a glance at Overlord holdings 2022-03-24
4 Special Prospects A look at the Prospectorium​ specialist vassal empire and a glance at new origin icons with their names 2022-03-31
5 New Friends Reveal of three new enclaves (Salvagers, Shroudwalkers, and Mercenary), the Bulwark specialist vassal empire, more Overlord holdings, the Imperial Fiefdom civic 2022-04-07
6 Elevating Civilization Walk through of Orbital Rings and their new starbase buildings, Quantum Catapult megastructure, the Scholarium​ specialist vassal empire, more specialist holdings, and new Galactic Community resolutions 2022-04-14
7 All Roads Lead to Deneb IIb Discussion on the Hyper Relays and their function as well as potential benefit to creating a network of them. Reveal of achievement icons, new flag background colors, symbols, and patterns. 2022-04-21
8 Artificial and Automated Intelligence Update on the AI refinements and Sector automation from the Custodian team to 3.4 and the Subterranean Origin reveal. 2022-04-28
9 Three in One 3.4 'Cepheus' Patch Notes and more! Patch notes, modability changes, and the Progenitor Hive Origin reveal. 2022-05-05
10 3.4.3 'Cepheus' Patch Released (Checksum 9d15)... What's Next? Future plans about 3.4.3 and 3.4.4 2022-05-19
11 Overlord Q&A May 5th Discord Q&A transcript 2022-05-26
12 Making a Station Overview of art development with Salvagers enclave station as example 2022-06-02
13 Summer is Coming... Overview of various developers' summer experiments 2022-06-09
14 3.4.4 ‘Cepheus’ Information Patch notes for 3.4.4 2022-06-16

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