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Patch 2.3.X are all patches beginning with 2.3.


Main article: Patch 2.3


Patch 2.3.1 was released on 2019-06-10[1] with the checksum bcd1.

Ancient Relics Story Pack Features

  • Increased variety of introductory images for archaeology sites
  • Added some missing SFX to archaeology site dig stages and random events


  • Added alert if planet automation is low on resources and monthly transfer is lower than 10
  • Fixed missing loc string in Zro deposits
  • Fixed the tooltip for machine pops being processed by a devouring swarm wrongly suggesting that you could get delicious food out of their soulless metallic husks somehow, instead of decidedly unappetizing alloys
  • Grunur system spawn popup event now displays neighbouring system name instead of an empty string
  • Fixed some missing text on the omnicodex arc site


  • Improved AI's desire to aggressively produce alloy foundries to drive its fleets and expansion
  • AI is much more willing to actually spend that alloy on ships
  • Fixed AI wasting its Influence by constantly reforming government
  • Fixed AI being only willing to spend rare resources on base construction, never upgrades or edicts
  • Updated AI food, energy, mineral, and influence budgeting. It will now try to use them on decisions and edicts when able, instead of amassing huge, untouched stockpiles
  • Fixed AI treating pirate occupied systems as total no-go zones even when it had more than enough fleet power to wipe them out (should help them expand without being blocked off)
  • AI empires will now be willing to expand into systems up to 5 jumps beyond their borders, making it more difficult to cut them off at chokepoints
  • Tweaked AI influence spending on edicts and campaigns so as not to activate ones with limited value (map the stars when most of the galaxy is explored, etc)


  • Fixed failure to launch crossplay beta branch on Linux
  • Fixed failure to launch the GOG version on Mac without using GOG Galaxy
  • Fixed cases where victorious Force Ideology wars would not result in ethics shift
  • Fixed an economy out of sync
  • Fixed a potential crash in the cross-breeding game rule
  • Fixed Zroni precursor sites being wrongly visible to all empires, not just the discoverer, allowing them to be ninja'd by others and leaving you stranded with an uncompletable chain
  • Fixed core sector being named after the initial planet name, before any homeworld name is applied
  • When you have multiple fleets selected, some with the Psi Jump Drive and some without, it will now show the longest combined jump they can make together, not the max range for just the Psi ships
  • Fixed exploits related to jump drive use allowing fraudulent circumvention of cooldown times and max ranges
  • Fixed unconscionable, unplayable typos and missing texts
  • Fixed a hilarious one from last year where if one of your starbases came under enemy occupation in a war, you could still queue up defense platform construction there. Helpfully, the enemy empire would pay for this from its own resource stockpile
  • Fixed cases where General leader traits were wrongly applied to armies
  • Added missing special portrait for the Nu-Baol, feat. Fred Durst
  • Fixed new Ancient Relics SFX playing at way too loud a volume
  • Forum, [Dev Team] 2.3.1 Patch Release [Checksum bcd1], 2019-06-10