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Patch 2.3.X are all patches beginning with 2.3.


Main article: Patch 2.3


Patch 2.3.1 was released on 2019-06-10[1] with the checksum bcd1.

Ancient Relics Story Pack Features

  • Increased variety of introductory images for archaeology sites
  • Added some missing SFX to archaeology site dig stages and random events


  • Added alert if planet automation is low on resources and monthly transfer is lower than 10
  • Fixed missing loc string in Zro deposits
  • Fixed the tooltip for machine pops being processed by a devouring swarm wrongly suggesting that you could get delicious food out of their soulless metallic husks somehow, instead of decidedly unappetizing alloys
  • Grunur system spawn popup event now displays neighbouring system name instead of an empty string
  • Fixed some missing text on the omnicodex arc site


  • Improved AI's desire to aggressively produce alloy foundries to drive its fleets and expansion
  • AI is much more willing to actually spend that alloy on ships
  • Fixed AI wasting its Influence by constantly reforming government
  • Fixed AI being only willing to spend rare resources on base construction, never upgrades or edicts
  • Updated AI food, energy, mineral, and influence budgeting. It will now try to use them on decisions and edicts when able, instead of amassing huge, untouched stockpiles
  • Fixed AI treating pirate occupied systems as total no-go zones even when it had more than enough fleet power to wipe them out (should help them expand without being blocked off)
  • AI empires will now be willing to expand into systems up to 5 jumps beyond their borders, making it more difficult to cut them off at chokepoints
  • Tweaked AI influence spending on edicts and campaigns so as not to activate ones with limited value (map the stars when most of the galaxy is explored, etc)


  • Fixed failure to launch crossplay beta branch on Linux
  • Fixed failure to launch the GOG version on Mac without using GOG Galaxy
  • Fixed cases where victorious Force Ideology wars would not result in ethics shift
  • Fixed an economy out of sync
  • Fixed a potential crash in the cross-breeding game rule
  • Fixed Zroni precursor sites being wrongly visible to all empires, not just the discoverer, allowing them to be ninja'd by others and leaving you stranded with an uncompletable chain
  • Fixed core sector being named after the initial planet name, before any homeworld name is applied
  • When you have multiple fleets selected, some with the Psi Jump Drive and some without, it will now show the longest combined jump they can make together, not the max range for just the Psi ships
  • Fixed exploits related to jump drive use allowing fraudulent circumvention of cooldown times and max ranges
  • Fixed unconscionable, unplayable typos and missing texts
  • Fixed a hilarious one from last year where if one of your starbases came under enemy occupation in a war, you could still queue up defense platform construction there. Helpfully, the enemy empire would pay for this from its own resource stockpile
  • Fixed cases where General leader traits were wrongly applied to armies
  • Added missing special portrait for the Nu-Baol, feat. Fred Durst
  • Fixed new Ancient Relics SFX playing at way too loud a volume


Patch 2.3.2 was released on 2019-06-18[2] with the checksum 00a6.

Producer's note: in the interest of getting these fixes to you quickly, anything requiring new text is not yet translated in to languages other than English. We'll get localization done and in for the final 2.3.x version, never fear.

Ancient Relics Story Pack Features

  • The random outcome "Archaeological Loop" in the "Déjà Vu Dig" Archaeology Site now has altered story text, and the outcome temporarily traumatizes the Scientist
  • The random outcome "A Custom Job" in the "Cut To Fit" Archaeology Site now rewards the player with benefits to Terrestrial Sculpting tech research


  • Added a new artifact action to discover a precursor site for 25 minor artifacts
  • Reduced AI expansion distance to 2, for slightly less gruesome Balkan borders. It will still be more aggressive than before about trying to avoid being boxed in
  • Nu-Baol Life-Seeding decision no longer has any cost, since the cost is paid for by activating the relic
  • Ether Drake Trophy relic effect on unity increased from +10 a month to +10% a month
  • Scales of the Worm relic effect on unity replaced with +10% physics research speed
  • Rubricator relic effect on unity replaced with +20 society research per month
  • The Surveyor relic activation cost is now 500 energy instead of 150 influence


  • You now get a popup when resettling the last pop of a colony to make sure you want to destroy said colony
  • Added the ability to toggle Steam rich presence on or off in settings, if you don't want your friends and family to know you're extinguishing all sentient life as a race of murderous Fanatic Purifier BDSM catgirls
  • Fixed a draw issue on the Mechanocalibrator and pre-space Ratling worlds that would cause resources districts to display as a single gigantic box


  • Fixed AI activating population control when it shouldn't
  • Fixed colony automation spamming too many districts at once in multiplayer
  • Lots of little tweaks to the AI's economic decision making


  • Using brackets in loc in 'scripted triggers' and 'scripted effects' can no longer result in an infinite loop as it thinks it's supposed to be a macro


  • Fixed colonies not being destroyed properly when emptied of population. Go forth and purge once more.
  • Fixed barren worlds not terraforming
  • Fixed armies mysteriously gaining strength, regenerating or disappearing without a trace during invasions
  • Fixed synth ascended robots that were robomodded not being assembled on planets
  • Fixed Gestalt empires starting with either unemployed drones or unmanned job slots
  • Fixed a crash when a planet building a robot template changes owner
  • Fixed unplayable have/has typo atrocity in the Grand Herald event
  • Fixed a bug where Steam Rich Presence would sometimes fail to display you were a race of murderous Fanatic Purifier BDSM catgirls with too many ethics
  • Fixed so that pops will not promote to specialists/rulers if there are unemployed pops from those strata already available. Get back to the acid mines, proles.
  • Inscrutable Power achievement now properly looks for the Galatron relic
  • Planets shouldn't start with unemployed pops anymore
  • Habitat specific orbital deposits should no longer rarely appear on non-habitats
  • The "Givernor" skill is no longer a thing
  • Driven Assimilators may now properly have farming worlds to feed their hungry Cyborgs
  • No longer possible to merge the salvage cruiser with normal fleets to prevent exploits with upgrades and resource refunds
  • Fixed the Atomic Clock event annihilating primitives but leaving observations stations intact to observe...their irradiated cadavers, I guess?
  • The Galactic Wonders Ascension Perk will now begrudgingly accept a Science Nexus as "complete" even if it doesn't have a brain in a jar. Your researchers will still know it's not really complete without one though, and that knowledge will haunt them in the lonely hours of the night.
  • Fixed events like "A New Metal" spawning on worlds that already had science stations, and wrongly being collected by these
  • Did some more smoothing of SFX volume spikes in new Ancient Relics content
  • Fixed a case where the Rubricator world could wrongly spawn a second, entirely unrelated dig site
  • Fixed being able to make a slave army from any species whatsoever so long as a single pop of any race was enslaved on the planet, even though it was an admirable display of class solidarity
  • Prevented the Baol chain from spawning any digsites in the Sol system because that made even less sense than lasers making sound in space