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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 2.1.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.
The Shroud is a psychic realm accessible only to psionic beings and can bestow both blessings and curses to the whole empire.

The Shroud is a dimension composed of pure psionic power that came into being in the beginning of time. Every psionically gifted being will have visited it at some point in their dreams, without necessarily knowing it. The Shroud appears as a surrealistic realm where the laws of nature do not apply and thus it contains many mysterious beings and strange things, including ethereal beings, a mysterious coven, illusions and other strange manifestations.

The Shroud is presented in-game as one of the main focal points of the Psionics.png Psionics technology branch which is accessible through the Tech psionic theory.png Psionic Theory technology. Only spacefaring civilizations who have picked the Ap transcendence.png Transcendence ascension perk can access it.

Upon acquiring the Transcendence ascension perk, the "Breaching the Shroud" special project is activated to initiate first contact with the Shroud. It costs 50000 Society Research Society. Completion will be a first interaction with the Shroud with all options typical for an interaction. It will also add the Shroud to the diplomacy menu, to allow for future contact.

The Shroud Lobby[edit]

The Lobby has a set of 18 random texts, with a 19th for the first Visit (shroud_intro). One can only access the Lobby (and the Shroud as a whole) if the Empire does not have the Mod shroud unavailable.png"Mustering Psionic Strength" cooldown modifier.

Without said cooldowns, the only option beside leaving (no effect) is to Venture into the Shroud. Venturing into the Shroud costs 3000/2500/2000/1500/1000Energy Credits.png energy, based on how much Zro.png Zro the Empire controls (0-4). After breaching the shroud - regardless of what options are presented - the shroud_cooldown modifier is added for 1800 days.

Upon venturing into the Shroud, a Random "Vision" is granted to the player. Weight for the options can vary. Every option has a condition. If that condition is not met, a "Generic Vision" (utopia.3200) is granted instead. The options usually give a "chance of success", roughly separated into high, medium and low chance.

Vision # Weight Conditions Options
1 10 First time this Option
  • High Summon Avatar
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble
2 10 Not having any Psionic Avatar Ships or Armies
  • High Summon Avatar
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble
3 10 First time this Option
  • High Gamble
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble
4 10 First time this Option
  • High Gamble
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble
5 10 First time this Option
  • High Gamble
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble
6 10 Communication with non-Attacking Fallen Empire. Not tried this already

60%: Steal technology from Fallen Empire (first missing tech out of the following: Tech mine living metal.png Living Metal Tech, Tech mine dark matter.png Dark Matter Drawing, Tech mine neutronium.png Neutronium Extraction, Tech ship armor 5.png Neutronium Materials, Tech antimatter power.png Antimatter Power, Tech zero point power.png Zero Point Power, Tech climate restoration.png Climate Restoration, Tech nutrient replication.png Nutrient Replication, Tech repeatable improved tile energy output.png Applied Superconductivity ).
On failure: diplomatic penalty with Fallen Empire

7 10 Not having Tech psionic shield.png Psionic Shields Tech 60% Psionic Shield research option.
On failure: Shroud Incursion.
8 5 Not having Tech precognition interface.png Precognition Interface 60% Precog Interface research option.
On failure: Shroud contact cooldown is doubled in length
9 5 Not having Tech psi jump drive 1.png Psi Jump Drives 60% Psi Jump Drive research option.
On failure: -20% Mod ship speed mult.png sublight speed modifier for 1800 days
10 5 Not having succeeded already;
No Leader has Chosen One Trait
Chosen One selection
11 5 Not has_shroud_patron flag Patron Spirit selection
12 10 None Get a Generic Vision

High Summon Avatar[edit]

  • 35: Spawn the Avatar ship
  • 35: Spawn the Avatar army
  • 20: Nothing happens
  • 10: Shroud Incursion

Shroud Incursions[edit]

A "Corrupted Shroud Avatar" ship is spawned anywhere within the empire's borders. It will despawn automatically after 10 years.

The Corrupted Shroud Avatar is equipped with:

  • 4 Medium Psionic Blast weapons (300-700 Damage, 66% Shield Damage, 67% Armor Penetration, 85 Range, 90% Accuracy, 100% Tracking,
  • Basic Aggressive Computer
  • T1 Thrusters
  • Psi Jump Drive
  • It is of the unique "Corrupted Avatar" granting it 25 Evasion, 150000 Shield, 20 Shield Regeneration, 17500 HP

Tactical: It has negligible shield regeneration, even out of combat. Low tracking anti-shield weapons can quickly disable the shield to break it. Shields are the only defense. However, they also despawn after 10 years after being created, making just waiting it out viable.

Chosen One selection[edit]

Three random leaders are selected. They are assigned high, medium or low chances to succeed at becoming the Chosen One. The player picks one leader with chances given for success, failure and critical failure respectively:

  • High - 70/20/10
  • Medium - 50/30/20
  • Low - 30/40/30
  • Success: leader acquires the trait "The Chosen One" and loses the "Psychic" trait, this event cannot occur again as long as a leader with the "The Chosen One" exists.
  • Failure: leader dies
  • Critical Failure: leader dies, shroud incursion.

Note that the Chosen One trait will, if present on a ruler, be removed once the ruler steps down from power during an election and goes back to the leader pool in Democratic or Oligarchic governments (Despotic governments do not experience this as while they do have elections, those only occur upon the ruler's death, which becomes impossible if the ruler is The Chosen One). The Psychic trait is reinstated in its place and the leader becomes mortal again. This does mean, however, that the Chosen One selection event can occur again.

Patron Spirit selection[edit]

Contacting a patron spirit is a three-step process:

  • Rolling on the attempt
  • Rolling which patron answers
  • Choosing whether or not to commit to a covenant with this patron.

If the empire has a chosen one, the highest chance to succeed appears. Otherwise the empire is randomly given a high, medium or low chance to succeed. Chances are for success/failure/critical failure: Chosen One: 85/10/5 High: 70/20/10 Medium: 50/30/20 Low: 30/40/30

Success: Random patron contact Failure: Nothing happens Critical Failure: If a chosen one exists they are killed, otherwise a random leader is killed

Random Patron Contact[edit]

The player is contacted by a random patron to form a covenant with. Denying has no consequences, but choosing one locks out the others. The chances for each covenant are:

  • 25: The Whisperers in the Void
  • 25: The Composer of Strands
  • 25: The Eater of Worlds
  • 25: The Instrument of Desire
  • 2: If the End of the Cycle has not yet been triggered, The End of the Cycle; Otherwise roll the previous options again without this one.

Mind Invasion[edit]

The shroud might give you a chance to try to steal knowledge from a Fallen Empire.

On success, You will receive an advanced technology.

On failure, you will receive a -40 opinion penalty from that Fallen Empire.

Generic Vision[edit]

One of 9 Random texts

  • High Gamble
  • Medium Gamble
  • Low Gamble


Gambles can either cause a Boon or Curse, manifesting itself as a bonus or penalty, respectively, applied Empire-wide or simply fail to do anything at all. Boons last 5 years (until the next contact possibility).

The chances for each boon to appear are equal, but there is a 1 in 3 chance for the high boon to not get randomized again. Success chances are:

Boon Nothing Curse
Chosen One 85 10 5
High Gamble 70 20 10
Medium Gamble 50 30 20
Low Gamble 30 40 30

It is possible to get a "blind" gamble where any boons and curses and chances for them are not shown.


Any of the following:

  • Mod army morale.png +40% Army Morale
  • Mod ship auto repair add.png +0.5% Daily Hull and Armor Regen
  • Influence.png +30% Empire Influence Gain
  • Mod ship evasion mult.png +30% Evasion
  • Mod ship fire rate mult.png +20% Fire Rate
  • Mod pop government ethic attraction.png +50% Governing Ethics Attraction
  • Mod pop happiness.png +25% Happiness
  • Unity.png +30% Monthly Unity
  • Mod country all tech research speed.png +20% Research Speed
  • Mod planet sensor range mult.png +2 Sensor Range
  • Mod ship shield hp mult.png +50% Shield Hit Points
  • Mod ship upkeep mult.png -30% Ship Upkeep
  • Mod ship speed mult.png +40% Sublight Speed
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +20% Weapons Damage
  • Leader trait resilient.png Increased Lifespan (Mod leader age.png +40 years) trait to all psionic leaders


Any of the following:

  • Mod army morale.png -20% Army Morale
  • Influence.png -20% Empire Influence Gain
  • Mod pop government ethic attraction.png -50% Governing Ethics Attraction
  • Mod pop happiness.png -20% Happiness
  • Unity.png -20% Monthly Unity
  • Mod pop growth req.png -30% Pop Growth Speed
  • Mod country all tech research speed.png -20% Research Speed
  • Mod planet sensor range mult.png -2 Sensor Range
  • Mod ship armor mult.png -20% Ship Armor
  • Mod ship speed mult.png -20% Sublight Speed


(There will be a price to pay.) - Tooltip for initiating a covenant.

5 Covenants are available: 4 "Conventional" ones and the End of the Cycle. Each conventional covenant imparts a permanent buff, but may also trigger events that are usually quite detrimental. A Gatekeeper event is used. The MTTH is 25 years, with a 10-year lockout after last triggering.

Covenants are mutually exclusive (you can only have one). Once a patron is accepted, the empire will receive the has_shroud_patron event flag that prevents the covenant event from occurring again.

The Whisperers in the Void[edit]

Buff: +15% Research Speed, +15% Empire Influence Gain.


  • 45: Random Leader with Psionic Trait acquires Substance Abuser Trait
  • 25: Random Leader with Psionic Trait commits suicide
  • 20: A random planet that either has more than 2 pops on it or has any psionic pops on it and is not already suffering from this effect will lose one pop and acquire whisperers_madness for 10 Years
  • 10: A random planet that either has more than 6+ Pops or has any psionic Pops and is not already suffering from this effect will lose 2 pops initially plus an additional 2 extra pops for every 5 pops over the 6 pop limit. Planet acquires whisperers_psychosis for 10 years

The Composer of Strands[edit]

Buff: +15% Pop Growth, +20 Years Leader Life Expectancy

Event: The species of a Random Pop with Psionic Trait is picked. The species will have its traits randomized.

The Eater of Worlds[edit]

Buff: +15% Fire Rate, +30% Army Morale.


  • 65: Eater is Peckish. A random planet that has more than 2 Pops on it and does not already have this effect will lose 1 Pop. The planet gets eater_unhappiness_planet_1 for 10 years
  • 30: Eater is Hungry. A random planet that either has more than 6 Pops on it or has any Psionic Pops on it and does not already have this effect will lose 2 pops, plus an additional 2 pops for every 5 pops over the 6 pop limit. The planet gets eater_unhappiness_planet_2 for 10 years
  • 5: Eater is Ravenous: Empire not still unhappy from previous eating. A random Planet that has more than 6 pops on it and is not the Capitol, (Habitats and Ringworlds are not counted) will turn into a shrouded world. All Modifiers and Deposits on it will be removed. The whole empire acquires eater_unhappiness_empire for 10 Years.

The Instrument of Desire[edit]

Buff: +10% resources from Jobs.


  • 40: Consumer Goods: A random planet that is not already affected by this modifier will get the instrument_consumer_goods (+100% Food.png Food Consumption, +100% Consumer goods.png Consumer Goods Cost) for 7300 days (20 years, 100 days)
  • 40: Deviant Planet. A random planet that is not already affected by this modifier will get the instrument_deviance_planet (-100% Mod pop government ethic attraction.png Governing Ethics Attraction) for 7300 days (20 years, 100 days)
  • 20: Deviant Empire. If the Empire is not already affected by this: The whole empire gets instrument_deviance_empire (-50% Governing Ethics Attraction) for 3600 days

End of the Cycle[edit]

The End of the Cycle is a covenant that works as an unofficial late-game crisis event that may only be summoned willingly by an Empire that has fully transcended. It has a chance to appear when trying to form a Covenant. It can be seen as a deal with the devil. It doubles the empire's power, which may allow breaking a locked situation within a 50 years window that can be used to win the game, but dooms the entire galaxy, starting with the summoner's empire.

Sealing Covenant: Acquire End of Cycle Empire Buff for 18000 days: +100% Food, Minerals, Energy, Unity, Influence, Research Speed and Naval Capacity All currently owned Planets acquire the "Shroud Marked" Modifier. All newly acquired planets get Shroud Marked with a MTTH of 1 month.

After 18000 days (50 years) the Reckoning:

  • Subtract 50000 from Food, Minerals, Energy, Unity and Influence Storage
  • Add 1000 Minerals, 500 Energy, 100 Food, 100 Influence
  • A Random Colonisable Planet is picked as the "Exile World"
  • Every owned Leader, the Ruler and Heir are killed
  • The Population on all Shroud Marked Planets is added up to Calculate the "end_power"
  • "The End" spawns at the Capital while all other planets spawn a Shroud Avatar
  • Every Shroud marked World is annihilated: Habitats vanish, Ringworld segments are destroyed, Planets are turned into shrouded worlds.
  • Every default empire gets a -1000 "Doomed us all" Diplomacy penalty
  • The End will attack planets at random, turning them into shrouded worlds until it has consumed all life in the galaxy

Depending on how much End Power the game summed up, The Fleet with The End will receive a massive buff:

  • <200: absorbed_consciousness_1
  • <400: absorbed_consciousness_2
  • <600: absorbed_consciousness_3
  • <800: absorbed_consciousness_4
  • 800+: absorbed_consciousness_5