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== Space amoeba ==
== Space amoeba ==
[[File:Space amoeba.jpg|thumb|200px|The space amoeba.]]
[[File:Space amoeba.jpg|thumb|200px|The space amoeba.]]
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== Crystalline entities ==
== Crystalline entities ==
[[File:Crystal_Entity.jpg|thumb|200px|Crystalline entities.]]
[[File:Crystal_Entity.jpg|thumb|200px|Crystalline entities.]]
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== Ancient mining drones ==
== Ancient mining drones ==
[[File:Mining_drones.jpg|thumb|200px|Ancient mining drones.]]
[[File:Mining_drones.jpg|thumb|200px|Ancient mining drones.]]
Ancient mining drones operate in pairs of one fleet and one station.  Mineral and energy-rich systems may have quite a few of these stations.
Ancient mining drones operate in pairs of one fleet and one station.  Mineral and energy-rich systems may have quite a few of these stations.
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== Void clouds ==
== Void clouds ==
[[File:Void cloud.jpg|thumb|200px|The Void Cloud.]]
[[File:Void cloud.jpg|thumb|200px|The Void Cloud.]]
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== Tiyanki ==
== Tiyanki ==
[[File:Tiyanki.jpg|thumb|200px|The "Tiyanki" gas grazers.]]
[[File:Tiyanki.jpg|thumb|200px|The "Tiyanki" gas grazers.]]
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== Privateers ==
== Privateers ==
[[File:Space Pirate Base.jpg|thumb|200px|A privateer base.]]
[[File:Space Pirate Base.jpg|thumb|200px|A privateer base.]]
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== Nomads ==
== Nomads ==
[[File:Nomads.png|thumb|200px|The nomad fleet]]
[[File:Nomads.png|thumb|200px|The nomad fleet]]
:''We are on a journey down the river of the many voids-between. It has been millennia, but we sail on. The destination we seek being the ocean of the universe.'' - Nomads when asked about their destination
:''We are on a journey down the river of the many voids-between. It has been millennia, but we sail on. The destination we seek being the ocean of the universe.'' - Nomads when asked about their destination
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== Guardians of Zanaam ==
== Guardians of Zanaam ==
A rare special system containing Zanaam, a size 25 Gaia world with the [[Obelisk of Zanaam]] unique building, the system is guarded by a considerable standing force of 4.4 k fleet power, which can drag out taking the system. Aside from the namegiving planet, the System has 3 destroyed barren worlds, a extensive asteroid ring and 6 shipwrecks. The planets can have random anomalies as usual.
A rare special system containing Zanaam, a size 25 Gaia world with the [[Obelisk of Zanaam]] unique building, the system is guarded by a considerable standing force of 4.4 k fleet power, which can drag out taking the system. Aside from the namegiving planet, the System has 3 destroyed barren worlds, a extensive asteroid ring and 6 shipwrecks. The planets can have random anomalies as usual.
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== Enclaves ==
== Enclaves ==
[[File:Enclave_curators.jpg|thumb|200px|An enclave.]]
[[File:Enclave_curators.jpg|thumb|200px|An enclave.]]
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== Guardians ==
== Guardians ==
Guardians are extremely powerful hostile Spaceborne aliens found in specific, predetermined systems and even rivalling moons in size and mass. They can easily be identified by the Skull where normally the Military Power is shown. They are the namesake of the Leviathan Story pack, which is required to meet them.
Guardians are extremely powerful hostile Spaceborne aliens found in specific, predetermined systems and even rivalling moons in size and mass. They can easily be identified by the Skull where normally the Military Power is shown. They are the namesake of the Leviathan Story pack, which is required to meet them.

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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Most of the time these will be the first aliens that new spacefarers will encounter, some of which may not even classify as ships or life in the common meaning of the words.

Meeting those space dwellers for the first time and researching past standard first contact procedure in Situation log will trigger their respective event chains.

Spaceborne aliens generally inhabit a certain area of space and are seldom seen away from it. The only exception are the passive Tiyanki.

If killed, spaceborne aliens will keep respawning in their home system unless an empire's sensor range covers the system.

Space amoeba

File:Space amoeba.jpg
The space amoeba.

These solitary space creatures appear surrounded by several flagella that act as disjointed limbs, periodically re-connecting to the host body to be re-programmed. Amoebas are able to warp between systems, even in games with restricted FTL methods. They can be found either solitary hunting Tyanki or in fleets of 3 units without FTL capability. While hostile, they are not outright aggressive and will only engage when approached.

  • Observing them peacefully (the only option for Fanatic Xenophile.png, Fanatic Spiritualist.png, and Fanatic Pacifist.png empires) will add permanent empire-wide modifier Cosmic Ray Catalysis (+5% Energy Credits.png output).
  • More "proactive" research will require the player to hunt and kill one amoeba and then 5 more.
    • Militarist.png, Fanatic Militarist.png, Xenophobe.png, and Fanatic Xenophobe.png will get Amoeba Extirpator modifier (+20% damage to amoebas)
    • While other ethics will get Flagellating Movement (+5% evasion to ships)

They have 700 HP, 15 armor (20% mitigation), a carrier cruiser like layout and about 150 fleet power per unit making them somewhat hard to defeat early on. Their weapons are energy based and ignore 25% of armor. Surveying their remains will provide Amoeba Breeding Program (strike craft variant) and Regenerative Hull Tissue (hull regeneration ship modules) techs.

They operate in small Fleets of 10 Ships with about 880 Fleet Power. The fleets consist of 2-3 Mothers (carrier cruiser equivalent) and 7-8 Corvette sized beings, for a total of 10 units. A rare variant are the red Space Amoeba Hunters, with around 1000 Fleet Power. The aggressive approach grants Flagellating Movement (+5% evasion to ships) after the first killed fleet. There are no more additional hunting quests. The fleet does not drop any salvageable technology. The peaceful approach on the other hand, nets you the Cosmic Ray Catalysis (+5% Energy Credits.png output) instead.

Humorously, space amoeba are not amoebae despite every spacefaring empire managing to identify them as such.

Crystalline entities

Crystalline entities.

Large, space-borne, semi-sentient, hostile crystals of yellow, red, green, or blue colors. The interactions a empire can choose after the initial project heavily depends on the Ethic:

  • Observing them peacefully (the only option for Xenophile.pngFanatic Xenophile.pngFanatic Pacifist.png):
    • Xenophile.pngFanatic Xenophile.pngPacifist.pngFanatic Pacifist.png: an option to get Prismatic Lenses modifier (+10% Physics Research output)
    • Other ethics will get special edict that, when a fleet enters a system they are present in, triggers an event that lets them survey the system instantly for 30 Energy Credits.png.
  • More aggressive approach will require the player to hunt and kill one entity and then several more.
    • Militarist.png and Fanatic Militarist.png will get Crystal Breaker modifier (+20% damage to Crystalline Entities)
    • Materialist.png and Fanatic Materialist.png will get Greater Crystal Bounty edict available (100 Minerals.png from each Crystalline Entities fleet killed).
    • Other ethics will get smaller Crystal Bounty edict (50 Minerals.png from each Crystalline Entities fleet).

Surveying their debris unlocks two unique types of Crystal Plating Utility Components (on Elite Entities remains only) - that greatly increases hull points - as well as Regenerative Hull Tissue Utility wich grants HP regeneration.

Crystal Prism

Crystal prism.

The home system of the crystalline entities contains the Crystal Nidus (4.9k Fleet Power) orbiting a pulsar. It is guarded by 4 fleets, one of each color, ranging from 2000 to 3000 fleet power. Upon discovery (and if the player already researched the crystalline entities) you will get a research project which when completed will gift you 25% research progress with the crystal-forged plating tech.

Crystall Shipdesigns

Crystalline Entities come in 3 Shipsizes, 4 colors and Normal and Elite versions. The main difference between Colors appears to be which Color variant of the Crystalline Weapons they use (they are all called LIGHTNING in the game files). Also each size, color and difficulty variant has it's own shipsize with associated values inherited from it. However there is a high number of designs so discrepancies can occur in specific cases and only random sample values are given.


  • Sapphire seems to have higher Combat rotation from the Shipsize, but there seem no other Shipsizes related differences
  • All colored weapons are tagged as Kinetic with the Role "Anti Armor"
  • All color variants have the same values
  • As such color seems to be intended entirely for cosmetic purposes


  • Small: 3 Small Guns, 1 Auto Repair, 1 Crystall Armor T1, Corvette Evasion, Armor & HP
  • Medium: 1 Medium Gun, 4 Small Guns, 1 Auto Repair, 1 Crystall Armor T1, Destoryer Evasion, Armor & HP
  • Large: 1 Large Gun, 4 Medium guns, 1 Auto Repair, 1 Crystall Armor T1, Cruiser Evasion, Armor & HP


  • The elite version use separate weapon and shipsize variants
  • Weapon slots are Auxiliaries are identical
  • shipsize values are identical
  • Elite Variants use the Elite Weaponry, which have increased damage per shot but are otherwise identical


  • Small: 4-17 Damage (Elite: 6-21), 15% AP, 45 Range, 76% Accuracy, 60% Tracking
  • Medium: 8-36 Damage (Elite: 13-44), 30% AP, 65 Range, 72% Accuracy, 30% Tracking
  • Large: 21-74 Damage (Elite: 30-92), 60% AP, 85 Range, 67% Accuracy, 5% Tracking
  • They do 100% damage to shields with 0% penetration and a cooldown of 25.
  • Their weapons seem largely identical to a T1 (Elite: T3) Mass Driver, which trades Shield Damage bonus for a comparable Laser Armor penetration without shield penalty

The Crystal Nydus has:

  • 1 Elite Large of each colored weapon
  • 1 Elite Medium of each color weapon
  • 1 Elite Small of each color weapon
  • 1 Auto Repair
  • 1 Crystall Armor T2
  • Crystall Station Large Shipsize, which grants -100% Evasion, 89 Armor of Size 8 (62%) and 40000 HP

Tactical Notes:

  • Shields are the ideal defense
  • Armor can be effective on larger ships, as despite the bonus the designs feature a lot of smaller guns with low AP
  • Evasion is useless, due to the high prevalence of small high tracking guns
  • Armor Piercing offensive weapons are advised, due to armor percentages from 24-64%
  • Tracking weaponry should not be forgotten, except for the nexus
  • They seem to have no form of point defense

Ancient mining drones

Ancient mining drones.

Ancient mining drones operate in pairs of one fleet and one station. Mineral and energy-rich systems may have quite a few of these stations.

Encountering mining drones and researching them provides the following options:

  • Observing them peacefully:
    • Xenophile.pngFanatic Xenophile.pngPacifist.pngFanatic Pacifist.png: an option to get Droning Optimizations edict (+10% Minerals.png output)
    • Other ethics will get a list of mineral-rich planetoids, which can be quite far away.
  • The more aggressive approach will require the player to "disassemble" one drone fleet. Rewards are the same for all: access to Drone Bounty edict (+50 Energy Credits.png from each drone fleet destroyed; every station counts as separate fleet for that).

Their stations have irrelevant weaponry only, but the fleets are a considerable danger early on. Each fleet consist of a bunch of mining ships totaling around 600 fleet power. They consist of the following ship classes:

  • Destroyers (900 HP, 22 Armor, 75 Fleet Power)
  • Combat Drones (450 HP, 10 Armor, 53 Fleet Power)
  • Mining Drones (200 HP, 10 Armor, 19 Fleet Power)

They use energy weapons and armor only, and possess no FTL capability. They drop salvage for the unique Cutting Lasers weapons.

Processing hub

Processing hub.

Similar to the crystalline entities, the mining drones possess a special home system. It consists of 2 normal mining stations and the Home Base Ore Grinder (2.5k fleet power; 40k HP; 24 drones and gamma laser). Each station is guarded by two fleets - one purely destroyers, one mining and combat drones easily summing up to 1000 Fleet power or more. Still, compared to the crystalline entities they are by far the easier target.

Upon reaching the system the player can choose to get the "The Processing Hub" special project (300 engineering), which grants on completion the Droning Optimizations edict (+10% Minerals.png output), or 2000 Energy Credits.png if you already have it. Destroying the station can yield Gamma Lasers on top of the normal salvaged technology, as well as adding a massive mineral income (+10 or more) to the asteroid next to the Processing Hub.

Void clouds

The Void Cloud.

These wisp-like beings possess a hostile attitude and will engage aggressively. They appear in two forms: solitary (approximately 600 fleet power) in regular star systems and in a pair of stronger groups (approximately 2200 fleet power per pair) in black hole systems. If a void cloud destroys two fleets, it will procreate a new void cloud. Void clouds do not possess FTL capability.

Void clouds possess some sort of natural shielding. It grants them 2000 shield points but the shield is not generated by any component and cannot be reverse-engineered.

Encountering them and researching the event that appears in the situation log will create an event with the following options:

  • Observing them peacefully:
    • Spiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png: Grand Design modifier (+10% Mod pop happiness.png) for 20 years.
    • Other ethics:
      • An option to get a reward of Physics Research Physics research and Cloudbuster modifier (+10% damage to clouds).
      • An option to trace all systems where void clouds are present.
  • Only Spiritualist.png and Fanatic Spiritualist.png have an aggressive option
    • Spiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png: -10% Mod pop happiness.png for three years.

Surveying their remains unlocks a reverse-engineered technology: Cloud Lightning Conduits.


The "Tiyanki" gas grazers.

These passive creatures migrate in groups of three between star systems, grazing upon the local gas giants that they find. Even when provoked, they are unlikely to attack anyone they encounter, primarily gas giant stations will suffer their wrath. They do not possess an event chain, just lore description. As long as they are passive, they will not cause civilian ships with the Evasive stance to flee. Their entire species may turn hostile if you attack a Tiyanki group.

Completing their special project will unlock the Frequency Tuning technology.


A privateer base.

A conglomeration of various races from the galactic past, the Privateers subsist entirely on piracy and have no interest in civil discourse. Each privateer system contains at least one space station of 374 fleet power, each defended by a lookout fleet of 1.3k fleet power. These fleets are a serious danger to fledgling empires, but by late early game empires should be able to at least destroy the Lookout fleets. They field considerable laser and kinetic weaponry but will not raid and their weapons will quickly become old by regular empires' standards.

The privateer home system contains a Young Blood fleet (around 700 fleet power), the Scarred Veterans fleet (around 8k fleet power) and the Old Guard, a huge pirate galleon with 12k fleet power, possessing 40k health and massive amounts of armor. Unlike lookout fleets, home system fleets use all three types of weapons, but still at the lowest level. The system has nothing of value in it.

Pirate fleets have no sort of point defense, making them easy targets for missile and carrier fleets.

If the player somehow has not gotten the space pirate event when finding the Privateers, a special project will spawn to analyse them. However, no diplomacy will be possible with them. If the player already had space pirates, no special project will appear.

Privateers should not be confused with the space pirates that are caused by the story event for every empire and are dealt with very early.


The nomad fleet
We are on a journey down the river of the many voids-between. It has been millennia, but we sail on. The destination we seek being the ocean of the universe. - Nomads when asked about their destination

The Nomads, or Namarians as they call themselves, are a passive millennia old intergalactic race with no homeworld, forever traveling the void in their starships. Once they establish communications the nomads will act as a sort of "bridge" between the player and unknown alien empires, and the player is likely to soon be barraged by a large amount of "Communications Established" events as more and more alien empires are discovered by the nomads, and, by extension, the player. They travel from system to system and their stay in the galaxy is temporary and will eventually set sail for another one. Events related to them can take place during their stay.

The chance if and when the nomads will appear in a game is rolled at game start, with the following weights:

  • 20 to appear after 20 years + 100 days
  • 25 to appear after 40 years + 200 days
  • 25 to appear after 55 years + 275 days
  • 30 for no nomads

All times are +/- 500 days.


When their time is due:

  • They will spawn in a random Rim System that has no ship in it and that no empire has a intel level better than low off.
  • Upon appearing, they will decide the mid point and endpoint of their journey.
    • Midpoint is ideally a random system 250-500 units away from spawn that is not flagged as having hostile spacebornes. Should that fail, any random system in 150-500 units will be picked.
    • Endpoint is ideally a random rim system 400-1450 units away from spawn. Should that fail, any random system 250-1450 units away will be picked
  • The species is created. They use a random avian portrait and their traits are Trait pc desert preference.png Desert Preference, Nomadic.png Nomadic, Venerable.png Venerable and Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers.
    • It is possible all their leaders or only the initial leaders are immortal.
  • Their country is created
  • Their fleet is created
    • It is lead by a 100 XP Admiral of their species
    • It is 15 Defenders, 6 Protectors and 3 Diaspora class Vessel Strong
  • They will instantly start their journey to the midpoint, then the endpoint
  • All interaction with them are based on the movement of their fleet, which makes reading the event files somewhat tricky

Unless they are on an active submission, they will perform an action when entering a system. Those actions depends on if the system has an owner and what the relationship with the owner is:

If the system is owned by any Default, Fallen or Awakened Empire that has neither contact nor is hostile to them, they will start orbiting a random planet in the system until contact is established.

  • The player is not capable of deciphering their communications, so contact will always be established by them after 100 days
  • After deciphering: if the system has no hostile spaceborne aliens, they try to give the owner a quest. Otherwise they move on.

If the system is owned and they have contact with the empire, the Empire is not hostile and they do not hate it already, they will try to interact with the Empire. Each interaction has these weights:

  • 30 - Ask for taking in pops
    • x0 If not at least 4 free tiles on any desert, arid or savannah planet or if Hivemind Authority
    • x0.75 if they already left stragglers behind
    • x1.5 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and not already left stragglers behind
    • x0.3 if Slavery is allowed
  • 30 - Ask for a planet to settle on
    • x0 if there is no suitable free planet or the target has Hivemind Authority
    • x0.5 if they already setteled one planet
    • x1.75 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and did not already settle a planet
  • 30 - Sell Ships
    • x0 if the target already got offered ships
    • x0.25 if target Fanatic Militarist or Xenophobe Empire
    • x0.5 if already sold ships to anyone
    • x1.75 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and not already sold ships to anyone
  • 10 - Move on (as their movement order was canceled, it will be re-established)

If the system has no owner, and flagged neither as hostile, mid- or endpoint, they will perform a peaceful action with the following weights:

    • 10 - Build new Ships
      • x10 if under 3k Fleet Power
      • x5 if under 5k Fleet Power
      • x0 if over 10k or has the have the ship building lockout
    • 80 - Do some Exploration
      • x0 if less then 1.5k Fleet Power
      • They pick a random planet and wait in orbit for 30–50 days. Upon finishing their waiting, they have a 25% chance to move on and 75% chance to pick another planet in the system to repeat it
    • 10 - Do nothing (as they still have their movement order, they will simply move on)

Only outright attacking the nomads makes them hate the player, giving him no more quests. Otherwise Accepting or Rejecting their tasks has no effect aside from a slight modification of the interactions with the Diplomacy menu


While the Nomads are inherently peaceful, a fight can be picked in order to get access to their technology. However their technology is just about on midgame niveau, making this rarely worth it.

The Diaspora class Arkship is equipped with:

  • 1 Large Antimatter reactor
  • Nomad Warp Drive
  • T3 Thruster, T3 Sensors
  • Ark Ship Class (1500 HP, 15% Evasion, 30 Armor over Size 1)

The Cruiser is equipped with:

  • 2 Small Plasma T2
  • 1 Point Defense T2
  • 2 medium Plasma T2
  • 1 Large Disruptor
  • 3 Large and 1 Medium Antimatter Reactor
  • 1 Medium and 2 Small T3 Shields
  • 1 Small T3 Armor
  • Cruiser Computer T2
  • Nomad Warp Drive, T3 Thruster, T3 Sensors
  • Eventship 5 size (1800 HP, 15% Evasion, 30 Armor over Size 1)

Note: The Cruiser is only encountered as part of the ship selling event. In this case it's FTL drive is overridden to match the recipient Empire.

The Defender class Corvette is equipped with:

  • 1 Small Plasma T2
  • 1 Small Disruptor T3
  • 1 Small Shield
  • 1 Small Armor
  • 2 Small Antimatter Reactors
  • Advanced Aggressive Computer
  • Nomad Warp Drive, T3 Thruster, T3 Sensors
  • Nomad Corvette Size (350 HP, 70% Evasion, 10 Armor over Size 1)

The Protector class Destroyer is equipped with:

  • 1 Large X-Ray Laser
  • 2 Point Defense T2
  • 3 Medium Antimatter Reactors
  • 1 Medium and 1 Small T3 Shield
  • 3 Small T3 Armor
  • Destroyer Computer T2
  • Nomad Warp Drive, T3 Thruster, T3 Sensors
  • Nomad Destroyer Size (480 HP, 25% Evasion, 15 Armor over Size 2)

Nomad Warp Drive has +100% Range, 10% Interstellar Speed, -300% Winddown. It has the same cost and energy consumption as T3 Warp Drive. It can not be reverse engineered. If a ship is sold to a empire, the FTL drive is overridden to what the empire uses.

Guardians of Zanaam

A rare special system containing Zanaam, a size 25 Gaia world with the Obelisk of Zanaam unique building, the system is guarded by a considerable standing force of 4.4 k fleet power, which can drag out taking the system. Aside from the namegiving planet, the System has 3 destroyed barren worlds, a extensive asteroid ring and 6 shipwrecks. The planets can have random anomalies as usual.

The Fleet guarding it consists of 24 Guardian Class Destroyers - named from Alpha to Omega, - which use the Mining Drone Shipset but with a totally different setup. The fleet does not drop debris and has a +100% Fire Rate and +2% Hull Regeneration Buff. Each guardian class cruiser has the following properties:

  • 900 hull
  • 32% Armor
  • 210 Shield
  • 2 Medium T3 Disruptors
  • 2 Small T3 Plasma Guns
  • 2 Medium T5 Armor
  • 1 medium T5 Shield
  • 1 Large Zeropoint Reactor
  • They have no engine, computer sensor or FTL component listed. However their Shipsize (ancient_destroyer) grants Warp FTL, 30% Evasion and 1.5 Combat Speed (based values for a destroyer).

Upon entering the System, the player is given a message stating they will be destroyed. The Fleet is hostile, however it is not set to aggressive, simply blocking any approach to the planet to colonize or even survey it. After they are defeated the planet can be colonized as usual. Despite the unique importance of the system the Holy Guardians do not consider Zanaam a holy world. The planet is safe to colonize.


An enclave.

Enclaves are neutral NPC spawned factions. They do not own any planets but consist of a large enclave station. One station for each class is guaranteed to spawn. Depending on the map a 2nd and even 3rd Station might spawn. They primarily exist to be interacted with via Diplomacy Menu using the "Others" filter. There are 3 types of enclaves: Artisans, Curators and Traders. Each of them has between 2 or 3 basic interactions and one restricted interaction that can only be used after an Opinion of at least 50 is reached. Their maximum Opinion is 100 and an empire builds opinion with them by using their services or having them inside your borders. The enclave Opinion is tracked wholly via the trust mechanic and no other Diplomacy bonuses or penalties apply.

Civic fanatic purifiers.png Fanatic Purifiers, Civic devouring swarm.png Devouring Swarms and Civic machine terminator.png Determined Exterminators cannot conduct diplomacy with the enclaves, their only reply being something like "Xeno Scum" or "Prey" to enclaves. As such their only profitable course of action is destroying the enclaves.


The primary resource for interacting with Enclaves is energy. All actions are repeatable but some of the actions also have an increasing cost. The price increases as an empire's population goes past certain thresholds:

Pops Energy Credits.png Energy cost
0-60 1000
61-120 2000
121-180 3000
181-240 4000
241+ 5000

During the renewal request after a buff runs out the player will be able to renew the deal for a fixed 1000 Energy Credits.png energy credits, regardless of population.


The Curators are an ancient order dedicated to preserving knowledge. Their primary resources is Energy Credits.png energy credits. They give the following diplomatic options:

  • Purchase Star Charts. For 500/1000/1500 Energy Credits.png energy credits Survey Data for 5/10/15 Systems not yet explored by the player can be purchased. These systems do include Fallen Empires Space, but not necessarily ones protected by hostile Spaceborne entities (in particular bosses). Beware - as of 1.8.3, worlds revealed by star charts do not need surveying, rendering quests that require survey of a particular planet uncompletable, and also nullifying any potential anomalies that may have been discovered upon surveying.
  • Purchase Scientific Help. For [scales with population] Energy Credits grants the 10 year "Curator Insight" Buff to the empire, which increases all Science by +15%.
  • Ask about the Mysteries of the Universe (Guardians).
    • Ask for the position of a thus far not known Guardian. It costs 300 Energy Credits.png Energy and a point of interest will be added to the situation log.
    • (free) Gives background information about each Specific Guardian, including an estimation of how your current fleets would fare against it.
    • Ask how to defeat a specific Guardian, providing a permanent +25% damage buff for 5000 Energy Credits.png Energy. The only exception is the Enigmatic Fortress where you can ask for hints regarding exploring the fortress instead.
  • (restricted to +50 opinion or higher) Hire scientist for 2500 Energy Credits.png energy credits. Gives a max level Scientist with the "Curator" trait (+15% Research Speed, +25% Survey Speed, -15% Anomaly Fail Risk; works like Maniacal for many rare/restricted techs). Only one curator scientist can be hired at any given time, even with multiple stations.

Having a Curator leading Physics and/or the Curator Insight Bonus also will also unlock the curator archaeology and exploration labs for science ships to be researched.


The Artisan Troupe are artists and entertainers. Their main resource is energy as well. They can help boost Governing Ethics Attraction, Unity and Happiness. Unlike other Enclaves, all Stations make a single enclave and all other stations are marked on the Galaxy view upon making contact with any part.

  • Commission art piece. Buys a single instance of the Planet Unique Building zanaam obelisk.png Art Monument for 1500 Energy Credits.png energy credits.
  • Become Patron. Costs [Pops Scaling] Energy Credits.png energy credits and lasts for 10 years, granting +10% yearly Unity.png unity and steadily raising the enclave's opinion. There will be a automatic renewal request after the buff runs out, unless it was canceled by the Artisans. Becoming a patron also allows beneficial Patron Events to trigger, however one should earmark resources for those.
    • The 4 newsletter events give the option to convert 500 Energy Credits.png energy credits into 50 Influence.png influence.
    • Some of their equipment malfunctions and you can either salvage it to get 500 Minerals.png minerals or fix it and get 50 Influence.png influence.
    • The more important one grants access to the Empire Unique Building modern 1.png Ministry of Culture for 2000 Energy Credits.png energy credits.
  • (restricted to +50 opinion or higher) Hold Festival. For 500 Energy Credits.png energy credits, 500 Minerals.png minerals and 100 Influence.png influence grants the "Festival of Worlds" Buff for 5 years which boosts Happiness and Growth. Having this Modifier also allows Festival Events to trigger:
    • A stampede breaks out and kills a pop. You can either divert the media's attention for 100 Influence.png influence or suffer a negative modifier for two years.
    • Some artisans wish to settle on one of your planets. Accepting will add 2 artisan pops to one of your worlds. The climate preference will always match.
    • The artisans steal 500 Minerals.png minerals and Energy Credits.png energy credits, end the festival modifier and refuse to communicate for 10 years.


Traders are merchants and as expected their only concern is profit. Traders grant the following options:

  • Trade for Minerals. Turns Energy into Minerals at a ratio of 2:1
  • Trade for Energy Credits: Turns Minerals into Energy Credits at a ratio of 2:1
  • Trade for Strategic Resource: Requires +50 Trader Opinion. Grants access to a unique strategic resource for 10 years, at the cost of 1000 energy. There will be an automatic request to renew the deal after it runs its course. Resources vary based on which specific trader Enclave is encountered and all 3 can be acquired at the same time:
    • XuraCorp gives access to XuraGel (+5% Mod habitability.png habitability)
    • Muutagan Merchant Guild gives access to Muutagan Crystal (+10% Mod pop government ethic attraction.png governing ethics attraction)
    • Riggan Commerce Exchange gives Riggan Spice (+5% Mod pop happiness.png happiness)

Every other empire offers more balanced trade deals so unless everyone has a negative attitude or ran out of resources to trade, the trading options serve only as a fallback or to build up opinion enough to obtain the strategic resources.

Destroying Enclaves

While enclaves will never become hostile to any empire except in retaliation, they can be attacked like any neutral entity. With over 10k fleet power they are no easy prey but various rewards can be salvaged from their remnants, depending on the type of enclave destroyed. Their stations are equipped with at least the following weapons at top tier:

  • 1 Titan Lance
  • Large Slots: 1 of each Plasma, Disruptor, Missile, Gamma Laser and 2 Kinetic Artilleries
  • Medium. 2 of each Disruptor, Flak and Swarmer Missiles
  • 4 Point Defense guns
  • Torpedoes: 2 Torpedoes and 1 Energy Torpedo
  • Small: 3 of both Autocannons and Missiles
  • 6 Large Zero-Point reactors, 6 Large Armor, 8 Large Shields, 3 Shield Recharges and T4 Sensors
  • they do not drop debris for salvage

Destroying an artist or trader enclave will let you salvage 2000 Energy Credits.png Energy Credits and Minerals.png Minerals. Destroying a curator enclave will let you salvage their databanks worth of 1000 research in all fields. Attacking a curator or artisan enclave will make every other enclave of the same type unavailable for trade.

Destroying a curator or trader enclave brings a small and temporary opinion reduction towards most other empires. Destroying an artisan enclave will not, and even player empires only reply with a nonchalant "Ok." if someone else destroys one.


Guardians are extremely powerful hostile Spaceborne aliens found in specific, predetermined systems and even rivalling moons in size and mass. They can easily be identified by the Skull where normally the Military Power is shown. They are the namesake of the Leviathan Story pack, which is required to meet them. While one can just stumble over one during exploration, they can also be found with the help of the curator enclave. Leviathans have an immense amount of health (in the Millions) and should only be engaged mid-late game. They all use various energy weapons. There are eight types of guardians in game, each of them has a unique event chain. A specialised fleet of about 20k Fleet Power is needed to have a real chance against any guardian on normal difficulty. On higher they received +25% or +50% Weapon Damage and Hitpoint bonus. Note that sharing starmaps tends to break the proper marking of a leviathan on the map. Where applicable, tips for locating them have been added. Starclasses are given in the ingame file versions.

Ether Drake

Evt space dragon.png

Ether Drake is the one appears on the cover of Leviathan Expansion. It can move extremely fast with planetary system with max speed of 20 (in comparison, max speed of corvette is 5.25 without additional components).

Defeating Ether Drake will have following benefits:

  • The Admiral who leads the fleet defeating the Ether Drake will gain the Leader trait glory seeker.png Dragonslayer trait, giving +10% Combat Speed Combat Speed and Mod ship fire rate mult.png Fire Rate.
  • Xenophile and/or Spiritualists gain access to the Empire Unique Building, Ether Drake Shrine (Planetary Happiness +10%)
  • Its home world, Dragon Hoard, is a very wealthy planet with Energy Credits.png+30/Minerals.png+30. Putting a mining station on it will eventually provide two special rewards:
    • Enable researching of Tech dragon armor.png Artificial Dragonscales (Level 6 Armor, MTTH 1200 months).
    • Discover a Dragon Egg and get the option to smash it for 300 Influence.png influence or issue a special project to incubate the egg and hatch a Young Drake. The Young Drake has between 14k and 16k fleet power and comes equipped with your most advanced FTL drive, allowing it to be merged with fleets. MTTH 2400 months.

Tactical: This guardian has exceptional armor but no shields and should accordingly be engaged with Armor-skipping weapons. Both long-range bombardment with lances and short-range engagements with small high evasion ships seems likely to succeed. The equipment includes: One Main Gun (the Titan Laser like Breathweapon), 8 secondary weapons, 4 tertiary weapons, 4 Dragon Armor and 2 Self-heal items. Some of the guns reportedly work as Point-Defense.

If the player deals at least 20% of its total HP in damage, the Dragon will become aggressive and start attacking the players territory. However it will return after wrecking all Stations in two random Systems. If the players does at least 85% damage the dragon will instead return home to hibernate.

Locating: Only spawns around Orange Dwarfs (K-Class). Searching for "Dragon's Hoard" should enable one to find it.

Stellarite Devourer

Evt stellarites.png

The Stellarite Devourer is a spaceborne entity the size of a gas giant that feeds itself upon stars. The Stellarite Devourer is very aggressive and will attack any attacking empire if not killed or sufficiently damaged during a battle.

Defeating the Stellarite Devourer will have one of the following benefits:

  • A project to Analyse the Remains. Upon completion the choice is:
    • Scrap the remains. Gives large Energy and moderate influence and mineral income.
    • Try to reignite the Sun in the Stellar Devourers home System. The Project has a 30% chance to kill the scientist and his ship, but is guaranteed to turn the whole System more habitable: All Frozen Planets will become Arctic planets, with one Guaranteed Gaia World. All other planets undergo a temperature increase as well, rerolling them completely. This Project can be completed with an unmanned science ship.
  • (any Militarist or Xenophobe only) Getting the Stellar Devourer Trophy.

Tactical: The Stellarite Devourer has long Range Stellar Plasma weapon. All weapons have a extreme range of 150, but their windup time might make it appear they operate a different ranges. The weaponry is as following:

  • 1 Devourer Beam. This is effectively a Titan Lance: 5000-7500 Damage, -25% Damage to Shields, 90% Armor Penetration, 150 Cooldown, 150 Range, 85% Accuracy, 0 Tracking
  • 4 Stellar Torpedoes are Missiles that can not be shoot down: 500-750 Damage, 30 Cooldown, 150 Range, 100% Accurancy, 50% Tracking, PD Target (20 Speed, 200 Health, 100 Retargetting Range)
  • 4 Stellar Plasma: 250-350 Damage, -20% Damage to Shields, 90% Armor Penetration, 10 Cooldown, 150 Range, 80% Accuracy, 75% Tracking
  • 8 Stellarite Lasers which are Point Defense Weapons: 10-12 damage, -100% Shield Damage, 10 Cooldown, 10 Range, 80% Accuracy, 50% Tracking

Defensively it seems to have about 50% armor mitigation (possibly from the Computer), 2 Autorepairs, but neither shields nor relevant dodge. It will give chase to any attacker when between 99.5% and 33% remaining health. A Stellarite Devourer on the move will have a negative effect on every colonized planet in systems it visits (-25% Happiness and Habitability), since it effectively adds a second sun. It will return if healed above or damaged below the chase thresholds. Or left for 90 days.

Locating: It can be located at any F, G, K or M class Star. It will only spawn slightly after the first ship entered its systems.

Automated Dreadnought

Evt automated dreadnought.png

Automated Dreadnought is a deadly capital ship with full firepower and solid armor. It can even outperform the best fortress a player empire could design.

Defeating Automated Dreadnought will have following benefits:

  • Issue a special project to repair the disabled dreadnought, a chance to get the most powerful battleship in the game. The project is extremely expensive (several thousand Engineering Research), and as of 1.3.1, the ship will spawn with a Top Tier version of the Empire's current FTL technology. However, it cannot be retrofitted with other drives, so keeping off with repairing it might be necessary.
  • Scrap it for a massive income in Minerals

Tactical: The Dreadnought has decent shields, but comparatively weak armor. The main weapons are 2 Large Disruptors and 4 Large Plasma Cannons. Its secondary armament consist of 2 Small disruptors, 3 Point Defenses, and 3 Small Plasma Cannons. Its defenses are 6 Large Neutronium Armor, 7 Large Shields, 3 Shield Capacitors, 2 Auto-Repairs, and a Cruiser Combat Computer 4. Shield breaking or skipping attacks are absolutely necessary to fight it.

Because of its use of Cruiser AI, a repaired Dreadnought will typically move ahead of your battleships and draw a lot of fire from enemy long range weapons (which seem to prefer the biggest target in the fleet). The Dreadnought can become a damage soak in this role, as it typically is sturdy enough to survive the first 30 days of combat, and can then emergency retreat when it becomes too damaged. Keep it in a separate fleet, preferably with a Trickster or Unyielding admiral assigned to it. Doing so can prevent a significant amount of punishment on your own fleet and gives you a tactical advantage.

Location: It can spawn around any A, B, F, G, K or M class star. The System always contains a Size 16 and a Size 20 Colonizable Planet.

Dimensional Horror

Evt dimensional horror.png

The Dimensional Horror exists only halfway within the known universe and looks like monsters from Cthulhu Mythos. It never moves but is capable of attacking anything in the system.

Defeating the Dimensional Horror will leave behind a dimensional rift that once examined will increase progress of jump drive by 50%, and permanently enable its research if the player hasn't completed it. If jump drives are already researched examining the rift will grant several thousand Engineering Research engineering and Physics Research physics research.

Tactical: The Dimensional Horror has exceptional range and is able to use all of its weapons against anything that enters the system. It is highly advised to jump in as close to the Horror's physical position as possible to shorten the time to come into weapon range. It has 5 weapon types:

  • 1 Dimensional Beam, a weapon that seems to operate like a Lance. It skips right through Shields and Armor. It seems to have a low Accuracy and Tracking and its damage contribution is marginal at best
  • 2 large Dimensional Strikers. These Weapons have a very high shield drain.
  • 2 Medium Ripper. Usually dealing the bulk of the Damage. Has good Accuracy, Tracking and Shield breaking effect.
  • 2 Small Render. Exceptional Accuracy/Tracking. 2nd highest damaging weapon.
  • 4 Dimensional Guard PD. Extremely low damage and weakness against Shields and Armor.

Defensively it has 3 Auto Repair and 80% Armor Mitigation. It has about Destroyer-level Evasion, but accuracy and armor penetration seems more important in weapon selection. It seems to prefer attacking Battleships and Corvettes/Destroyers, and seem to hit Cruisers last. Armored cruisers with small-medium plasma Weapons should be most effective.

Given the massive range of its arsenal, positioning your fleet in a system that is oriented as close to the Horror as possible can be advantageous, allowing you to attack sooner by jumping in right on top of it.

Location: It will only spawn in a Black Hole System. The high range makes it possible for a science ship to be killed before it can even send the first day scan home, meaning it is not marked on the map.

Spectral Wraith

Evt wraith.png

Spectral Wraith is special kind of life born near pulsars. It is by far the most mobile guardian and players may encounter it without being the ones to trigger it. At the same time, a player may never see it as it wanders indiscriminately and may blunder into a Fallen Empire where it will meet with a swift and untimely demise. It has three different colors: red, yellow and blue. Each color is weakened when in the proximity of a certain kind of star (Frequency Sync, -50 Armor and Evasion Multiplied by -1) and uses a specific spectrum emitter. As such combat should be contained to systems with the proper star and the weapontypes can be predicted. The Wraith does not spawn directly upon entering the System, but will instead spawn about 40 years after anyone scanned the Pulsar in its spawn system.

The colors and star classes are:

  • Red: M Class/Red Dwarfs; 450THz
  • Yellow: G Class/Yellow Dwarfs; 520THz
  • Blue: A or B Class/blue and blue-whtisch Stars; 650THz

Defeating Spectral Wraith will have following benefits:

  • +5% physics research speed, +5% energy weapon damage and +10% energy production on surface.

Tactical All Wraiths have 6 Large Guns, 2 Auto Repairs, Guardian Warp, Cruiser Computer 4, Thrusters and Sensors 3. However which type of gun it has in those slots depends on the Wraith. Also actually catching the Wraith might be harder than defeating it.

Infinity Machine

Evt technosphere.png

The Infinity Machine is a smooth spherical object orbiting a black hole called Gargantua. It is the only neutral guardian.

A year or two after discovering it the Infinity Machine will send out a transmission and starting a special project to contact it. After the project is completed a peaceful contact will be established, revealing that the Infinity Machine is surprisingly talkative although it perceives time non-linearly. Depending on government ethics, some empires can try saying the liar paradox although the technosphere immediately recognizes it and finds it boring. You can offer to help it in its quest to understand infinity and start a very lengthy special project at the black hole that can only be done by a level 5 scientist. Finishing the project will have one of the following outcomes.

  • The project fails but the Infinity Machine will acknowledge your effort and reward you with either the Sentient AI or the Zero Point Power technology. If you researched both it will grant your empire a +5% Research.png research bonus.
  • The project succeeds and the Infinity Machine enters the black hole. A hull fragment will remain, granting you either the Sentient AI or the Zero Point Power technology as well as 150 Influence.png. In addition the black hole will get a 4 Research.png research production.
  • Very rarely after the Infinity Machine enters the black hole, Gargantua will shrink to a smaller size, changing name to Pantagruel. The events describe this as a micro-universe, but functionally it is a black hole with a 10 Research.png research production. This grants the achievement Infinite Creation if not already obtained. Building a research station or frontier outpost over the black hole will also add the Mirror of Knowledge modifier, granting +10% Research.png research across all fields.

Alternatively the Infinity Machine can be attacked, forcing it to open and become aggressive. Destroying it will allow the Infinity Machine to be broken down for a large bonus of minerals and influence, or study its nature for advances in robotics.

Depending on empire ethics, another non-aggressive option can be available after the investigation project is completed.

  • Spiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png Spiritualist empires can declare the Infinity Machine a divine object, granting a +5% happiness empire unique modifier.
  • Militarist.pngFanatic Militarist.png Militarist empires can infiltrate the Infinity Machine with an army to either gain massive Minerals.png and Influence.png or instantly gain 50% progress on Synthetics.
  • Materialist.pngFanatic Materialist.png Materialist and Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness empires can attempt to hack the Infinity Machine. Chance is 5% but if successful, it permanently grants a +3% Research.png research bonus as well as either the Tech sentient ai.png Sentient AI or the Tech zero point power.png Zero Point Power technology. If you have both you will gain between 1000 and 2000 Research.png research points. For Gestalt consciousness.png empires this is the only option. This approach destroys the Infinity Machine.

Tactical: The Infinite machine is equipped with the following Equipment:

  • 2 Bomber and 2 Fighter Hangars.
  • 1 Lance Weapon
  • 3 Large, 3 Medium and 9 small Gamma Lasers
  • 6 Point Defenses
  • 20 Large Shield Generators
  • 2 Rechargers, 2 Auto Repairs, T4 Battleship Computer.
  • T3 Thrusters and Sensors

Location: It always spawns in a Blackhole System called "Gargantua", making it the most predictable and easy to find guardian.

Horizon Signal

If the Horizon Signal event chain has been started entering the Gargantua system, whether it's the first time or not, will have the Infinity Machine will contact you surprisingly not in a non-linear tone and will ask you for 800 Energy Credits.png energy and Minerals.png minerals. Refusing with either of the two options will have the technosphere ask you again next time you enter the system. If you accept it will absorb the resources and disappear into the black hole the same way your ships did and add it a permanent +20 Society Research society research points.

Enigmatic Fortress

Evt enigmatic fortress.png

The Enigmatic Fortress guards various mysterious technologies. Its engagement ring is always visible. It has the longest and most complicated event chains among all guardians. Once disabled, player has different options to explore the fortress. Unlike other guardians, curators do not have any advice regarding fighting it so there is no damage bonus against it.

Successfully investigating the Enigmatic Fortress will have following benefits:

  • Gain 24x Engineering Research engineering output (potential yield gain of 2000 - 4000)
  • Gain 24x Physics Research physics output (potential yield gain of 1600 - 3200)
  • Gain 24x Society Research society output (potential yield gain of 1000 - 2000)
  • Unlocks the tech option for one of the following technologies: Tech enigmatic power core.png Enigmatic Power Generation (level 6 reactor), Tech enigmatic deflector.png Enigmatic Deflectors (level 6 shield) or Tech enigmatic encoder.pngTech enigmatic decoder.png Enigmatic Encoder and Decoder (evasion and tracking auxiliary components).

Tactical: The Enigmatic Fortress consists of the following Stations:

  • 1 Main Vault: 7 Kinetic Artillery, 1 Enigmatic Decoder, 4 Large Shields, 1 Recharger, 7 Large Armor, 1 Enigmatic Disruption Field; Counts as an extra Large Station
  • 2 Guardian: 1 Small Autocannon, 1 Point Defense, 1 Kinetic Artillery, 1 Enigmatic Decoder, 4 large Shields, 1 Recharger, 4 large Armor; Counts as Large Station
  • 2 Warden: 1 Small Autocannon, 1 Point Defense, 1 Large and 1 Medium Shield, 3 Recharge, 2 large Armor. Counts as small Station
  • 4 Defenders: 1 medium Autocannon, 2 Medium Shields, 1 Shield Recharger, 1 medium Armor; Counts as small Station
  • 8 Sentinels: 1 Small Autocanon, 2 small Shields, 1 Shield Recharged, 1 small Armor; They count as extra Small Station

All Weapons and armor are top researchable Tier, with the Shields and Powersources being of the special "Enigmatic" Tier (effectively T6). The main vault can revive based on poor quest decisions, but is exclusively equipped with Kinetic Artillery - which is also the main weapon of this fight - and carries the Enigmatic Disruption Field. After the Guardian and Warden are removed, it becomes quite Vulnerable to 1.4 or later Torpedoes.

Location: It always spawn around a A Class star (White/Blue Star), possibly with habitable planets.

The following table contains the outcome of every decision:

No. Choice Outcome
1 Demolitions Team Transport ship is destroyed but the explorers enter the fortress
1 Local Power Surge - Go with the higher estimate (-500 Energy Credits.png energy) Fortress repowers
1 Local Power Surge - Go with the lower estimate (-50 Energy Credits.png energy) The explorers enter the fortress
2 Place metal rings around the remaining two poles Fortress repowers
2 Search for torus-shaped indentations on the bulkhead Fortress repowers
2 Rearrange the metal tori on the poles Expedition proceeds
2 Remove center and rightmost poles from the pedestal Fortress repowers
3 Home System Research - The beginning Fortress repowers
3 Home System Research - The middle Event success
3 Home System Research - The end Fortress repowers
3 Supply Dark Matter.png Dark Matter Event success
3 Use Force (1 military ship) Catastrophic explosion. The fortress and all ships in the system are destroyed and all the solid planets are turned into molten worlds.
3 Black Hole Research Event success

Should the timer be left to expire at any point the fortress will repower.

Hive Asteroid

Asteroid hives are lurkers living in crystal asteroid systems. They are the only guardian that doesn't have any unique benefits when defeated, except for some energy and a large amount of society research points. However, their home system itself is one of the biggest treasures in the universe. The hive system contains five crystal asteroids, with 3 having 6 and 2 having 8 for a total of 34 Minerals.png. When the system is discovered you will receive a message mentioning that something is not alright there. Attempting to mine the crystalline asteroids will prompt the hivers to attack shortly after finishing the station.

Tactical: Their only equipment is 3 Unique "Hive Strike Craft" Hangars (for 60 Strike Craft) and an Auto repair per Asteroid. The asteroids belong to a unique station Size class. Accordingly, point defense is the most important weapon to bring to this fight. The MTTH is 100 years, times 0.3 for every mine built on a crystalline asteroid. As such it might be possible to mine a few of the asteroids and still break even when the hivers appear.

A Fleet of about 50 Destroyers with Point Defense Focus is well enough capable of killing the hives, by engaging them one after the other. However the proximity of the Hives means that quite often going into Firing position on one of them will draw in the fighters from the next. The swarmers operate like bombers (Skip Shields, Problem hitting corvettes) making armor most advisable as defense.

Location: It can spawn around any A, B, F, G, K and M class star. If the system is surveyed, the amount of 30+ Minerals should easily allow one to identify the system.


  • Besides special rewards, there are also options to get mineral, energy, influence or research bonuses. However, in most cases, choosing these rewards means unique guardian techs are no longer available.
  • As they defend the most valuable treasures in the universe, fighting the guardians is unimaginably difficult. They have incredibly high HP, armor and shield, as well as HP and shield regen speed. Without a proper fleet, it is impossible to even to breach their defenses and deal effective damage to their hull. If you are finding it difficult to deal damage, try to use weapons that have armor or shield penetration.
  • Ether Drake, Stellarite and Dimensional Horror have a very powerful beam attack, dealing massive area damage at long range. Such attacks can easily destroy the player's ships in clusters with only one shot. However, they are not able to attack targets at short ranges. Choosing weapons and fighting range wisely is the first step to slaying these enemies!
  • The vault of the Enigmatic Fortress can be repowered accidentally during investigation. Once rebooted, any science ship or boarding troops on it will be killed immediately, and the fortress will attack any remaining fleets within its range. The player has to disable the fortress again before restarting any research on it. Moreover, inappropriate action may result in complete eradication of the star system. In Ironman mode, it is advised to purchase intel from the Curators before starting a campaign against the Enigmatic Fortress.
  • The Curator will provide lots of intelligence about the guardians. If some guardians are still undiscovered when communicating with the Curator, their locations can be purchased at cost of Energy Credits.png 300. The Curator also provides three specific intels about the Spectral Wraith and Enigmatic Fortress, and each of them requires Energy Credits.png 1000. As for the others, the player may use Energy Credits.png 5000 to buy a +25% damage buff for corresponding type of guardian.


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