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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

A Spaceport is a large space station that serves as the primary defense of inhabited planets as well as those planets' orbital construction facility. Spaceports can be built directly from colonized worlds, without the need for a construction ship. It can construct ships as well as modules which upgrade the spaceport itself. Spaceports' internal framework itself can be upgraded in order to allow construction of larger ships and additional spaceport modules. A newly built spaceport has two module slots, one of which is taken up by its defense system. Each additional level unlocks another module slot to a maximum of seven at level five. Each spaceport level also increases its damage and defensive capabilities. Ships in orbit around a spaceport have a reduced upkeep cost of -25%. This reduction can be increased by some modules.

Level HP Armour Construction rate Naval Capacity
1 4000 75 +0% +2
2 4500 80 +20% +4
3 5000 85 +40% +6
4 5500 90 +60% +9
5 6000 95 +80% +12
6 6500 100 +100% +15

Aside from building and maintaining ships, one of the main functions of spaceports is to increase an empire's Naval Capacity. This increase in imperial Naval Capacity scales with the level of the spaceport.

Spaceports can be built on any colonized world for a cost of 360 Minerals.png Minerals (though ruler traits can make them cheaper) and take 12 months to build. Once built, they have a base maintenance cost of 3 Energy Credits.png Energy per month.


Modules are unlocked through research. Some research options are limited to empires with certain ethics. Modules have a wide variety of effects. For example defense, economical benefit or ship support. Certain modules are needed to exploit strategic resources.

Note that the Fleet Academy only provide their benefits to ships produced at that specific Spaceport.

Module Cost Time Maint. Effects Requirements
Level Technology
Solar Panel Network.png Solar Panel Network Minerals.png 75 Time 180 Energy Credits.png Energy production: +3 1 Tech solar panel network.png Orbital Energy Conversion
Crew Quarters.png Crew Quarters Minerals.png 100 Time 180 Orbit Modifier
Ship Upkeep: −10%
1 Tech doctrine navy size 1.png Doctrine: Fleet Support
Observatory.png Observatory Minerals.png 100 Time 180 Energy Credits.png 1 Planet Modifier
Planet Sensor Range: +50%
Physics Research Physics Output: +10%
Society Research Society Output: +10%
Engineering Research Engineering Output: +10%
1 Tech orbital sensor array.png Orbital Sensor Arrays
Sb shipyard.png Engineering Bay Minerals.png 100 Time 180 Energy Credits.png 1 Orbit Modifier
Ship Repair Speed: +25%
Ship Repair Cost: −25%

Ship Modifier

Ship Upkeep: −5%
1 Tech doctrine navy size 1.png Doctrine: Fleet Support
Sb hydroponics bay.png Orbital Hydroponic Farms Minerals.png 100 Time 180 Energy Credits.png 1 Planet Modifier
Food.png Food: +3
1 24px Orbital Hydroponics
Sb target uplink computer.png Synchronized Defenses Minerals.png 150 Time 180 Energy Credits.png 1 Station Modifier
Fire Rate: +25%
Weapons Damage: +25%
1 Tech synchronized defences.png Synchronized Defenses Tech
Corvette Assembly Yards.png Corvette Assembly Yards Minerals.png 100 Time 270 Energy Credits.png 1 Spaceport Modifier
Corvette Build Speed: +25%
Corvette Build Cost: −10%
2 Tech spaceport 2.png Improved Spaceport
Pioneering Terminal.png Pioneering Terminal Minerals.png 300
Influence.png 25
Time 270 Energy Credits.png 2 Spaceport modifier:
Colony Ship Build Speed: +25%
Colony Ship Build Cost: −25%

Planet modifier:

Migration time: −25%
3 Tech frontier traditions.png Frontier Traditions
Destroyer Assembly Yards.png Destroyer Assembly Yards Minerals.png 300 Time 360 Energy Credits.png 1 Spaceport Modifier:
Destroyer Build Speed: +25%
Destroyer Build Cost: −10%
4 Tech spaceport 4.png Advanced Spaceport
Fleet Academy.png Fleet Academy Minerals.png 400
Influence.png 100
Time 360 Energy Credits.png 4 Ship Modifier:
Fire Rate: +5%
Accuracy: +3
Tracking: +3
3 Tech interstellar fleet traditions.png Interstellar Fleet Traditions
Cruiser Assembly Yards.png Cruiser Assembly Yards Minerals.png 400 Time 360 Energy Credits.png 3 Spaceport Modifier:
Cruiser Build Speed: +25%
Cruiser Build Cost: −10%
5 Tech cruiser build speed.png Standardized Cruiser Patterns
Sb disruption field generator.png Orbital Mind Control Laser Minerals.png 400
Influence.png 10
Time 360 Energy Credits.png 5 Planet Modifier
Ethics divergence: −30%
4 Tech will to power.png Will to Power
Battleship Assembly Yards.png Battleship Assembly Yards Minerals.png 500 Time 180 Energy Credits.png 4 Spaceport Modifier:
Battleship Build Speed: +25%
Battleship Build Cost: −10%
6 Tech battleship build speed.png Standardized Battleship Patterns
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