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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

A Spaceport is a large space station that serves as the primary defense of inhabited planets as well as those planets' orbital construction facility. They can construct ships and modules which upgrade the spaceport itself. Spaceports can be upgraded in order to allow construction of larger ships and additional spaceport modules. A newly built spaceport has two modules slots, one of which is taken up by its defense system. Each additional level unlocks an additional module slot to a maximum of seven at level five. Each spaceport level also increases its damage and defensive capabilities.


Modules are unlocked through research, apparently often from special technologies. Some are also limited to empire with certain ethics. Modules have a wide variety of effects. For example defense, economical benefit or ship support. Certain modules are needed to exploit strategic resources.

This list is based on incomplete information and may contain errors.

Module Construction cost Construction time Maintenance Effects Technology requirement
Corvette Assembly Yards[1][2] Minerals.png 100 270 days Destroyers or Improved Spaceport
Crew Quarters[1] Minerals.png 80 180 days None
  • Orbit Modifier
    • Ship Upkeep: -20%
Engineering Bay[1] Minerals.png 80 180 days Energy Credits.png 1
  • Planet Modifier
    • +Engineering Research 4
  • Orbit Modifier
    • Ship Repair Speed: +25%
    • Ship Repair Cost: -25%
  • Ship Modifier
    • Ship Upkeep: -10%
Fighter Squadron[3]
Garanthium Forge[4] Minerals.png 300 365 days Energy Credits.png 3 Garanthium Ore: 1
  • Ship Modifier:
    • Armor: +25%
Garanthium Mining
Observatory Minerals.png 100 180 days Energy Credits.png 1
  • Planet Modifier
    • +Physics Research 4
    • Planet Sensor Range: +50%
Orbital Sensor Arrays
Orbital Hydroponic Farms[5] [6] Minerals.png 100 100 days Energy Credits.png 1
  • Planet Modifier
    • +Food.png 3
Orbital Hydroponics
Solar Panel Network[2] Minerals.png 75 180 days None
  • Planet Modifier
    • +Energy Credits.png 3
Orbital Energy Conversion
Reinforced Hull Structure[3]

This list is based on incomplete information and may contain inaccuracies.