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== Authority ==
An empire's authority determines how power is transferred in the government. For all authority types, except gestalt consciousnesses, [[policies]] such as voting rights and leadership affect who can get elected.
=== Mandates ===
Democratic rulers have mandates. This is a task that is to be completed during the ruler's term. If this is done, the empire receives between 250 and 500 {{iconify|Influence}} but there is no penalty if a mandate is not fulfilled.
=== Agendas ===
Oligarchic, Dictatorial and Imperial rulers have agendas. They bring an empire-wide bonus while the ruler is in power.
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== Civics ==
A '''civic''' represents a political and/or the social traditions of a government and they come in a wide variety of types, primarily limited by the authority and ethics an empire possesses.
=== Standard ===
These civics can be picked by any empire that is not considered a {{iconify|gestalt consciousness|21px}}, meaning that they are influenced by previously selected ethics and authority type.
=== Gestalt Consciousnesses ===
These civics are special in the sense that they are not a reflection of previously selected ethics, instead these reflect an empire that is composed by a single mind with a singular purpose or directive. At the moment, there are two types of {{icon|gestalt consciousness|21px}} gestalt consciousnesses and they are: {{iconify|hive mind|21px}} and {{iconify|machine intelligence|21px}}.
== Government Type ==
=== Function and selection ===

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