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Land warfare

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== Recruitment ==
An empire can recruit armies of any [[species]] that is present within its borders, as long as there are members of that species living on the planet which the army is built on. Transports are generated automatically as armies are embarked. New assault armies automatically embark in transports if the planet has reached maximum capacity. A planet can hold as many armies as its size.
== Combat ==
Ground combat takes place between several assaulting armies and the planet's defending armies. The latter are composed of any standing armies present on the planet as well as a number of free but weak garrisons. The base number of garrison units is 2, increased by 0.4 for each population over 1.
== Attachments ==
Attachments are modules that enhance armies. They are unlocked by researching [[technology]] and bought and equipped individually to single armies. In order to outfit an army with modules, it must be landed on a planet. While on basic armies they're not worth the cost, on advanced armies they can prove useful.
== Transports ==
Transports are ships transporting an army from a planet where it is based to a planet it aims to invade. Defense armies cannot be transported.
== Use for Army types ==
There are a whole bunch of army types in the game. Each one has a specific purpose.
* '''Militia''' / '''Refitted Workbots''' spawn for free, based on the number of population on the planet. They are always of the primary species, take up no slots and cost no maintenance. They spawn on occupied planets to help the occupier. On their own, Garrisons are little more than speed bumps. However they can work as useful damage sponges for the real defensive armies. This use is compounded by them despawning and fully healing between assaults.