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Artificial Intelligence
* {{red|If robots show signs of rebelliousness removing their sapience will start an AI rebellion}}
| [[File:Faction icons traditionalists.png|24px]] Traditionalist
| Not {{iconifyicon|Materialist}} or {{iconifyicon|Fanatic Materialist}}Materialist
| ''Intelligent, self-aware machines are an incalculable threat to all living things. The creation of an artificial intelligence is an offense punishable by death.''
|- id="AI Servitude"
* Synthethics will never rebel.
| [[File:Faction icons technologists.png|24px]] Technologist
| Not {{iconifyicon|Spiritualist}} or {{iconifyicon|Fanatic Spiritualist}}Spiritualist
| ''Any self-aware machine that fulfills the criteria of possessing true artificial intelligence is to be regarded as an individual, with all the rights and obligations that entails.''
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