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== References ==
== References ==
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There are rare resources that can be found within the galaxy. They can have an abnormal or useful behavior when processed. The uses can range from financial to destructive and some resources offer multiple effects depending on their use. Strategic Resources are mainly used to construct special Buildings and Spaceport Modules, they can also be traded with other empires. Due to their rarity and potency, they may lead to tensions with rival empires who will try to control the rare resources by force. Certain technology is needed to reveal and to make use of.

Strategic Resources

Resource Technology Required Effect Description
Garanthium Ore[1] Garanthium Mining Ship Armor: +25% This ore is several times stronger than diamond and is useful in the construction of ship armor.
Betharian Stone[1] Betharian Refining Betharian Power Plant (generates +6 energy credits) These rare stones have been deposited on many worlds through meteor strikes. They burn very slowly and are very efficient energy sources.
Pitharan Dust[2] Research Station Happiness: +10% This fine dust is a natural occuring stimulant found on some worlds. It has a calming effect on most beings, and can be used as a non-violent way of pacifying hostile individuals.
Engos Vapor[2] ??? Increase thruster speed or sooth local populace ???