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This is the documentation page for Template:Icon.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template can be used for embedding icons in the Stellaris wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is 24px.


{{icon|identifier}}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}
Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.
{{icon|militarist}}} will generate Militarist.png.

List of available icons


3.1 Resources
3.2 Government
3.3 Ethos
3.4 Traits
3.5 Tech Categories


Default width: 18px

enc, energy, energy credits Energy Credits.png
eng, engineering, engineering research Engineering Research
food Food.png
inf, influence Influence.png
min, minerals Minerals.png
phy, physics, physics research Physics Research
soc, society, society research Society Research


military republic Military Republic.png
theocratic republic Theocratic Republic.png
direct democracy Direct Democracy.png
moral democracy Moral Democracy.png
indirect democracy Indirect Democracy.png
military junta Military Junta.png
theocratic oligarchy Theocratic Oligarchy.png
science directorate Science Directorate.png
peaceful bureaucracy Peaceful Bureaucracy.png
plutocratic oligarchy Plutocratic Oligarchy.png
military dictatorship Military Dictatorship.png
divine mandate Divine Mandate.png
despotic hegemony Despotic Hegemony.png
enlightened monarchy Enlightened Monarchy.png
despotic empire Despotic Empire.png


collectivist Collectivist.png
individualist Individualist.png
materialist Materialist.png
militarist Militarist.png
pacifist Pacifist.png
spiritualist Spiritualist.png
xenophile Xenophile.png
xenophobe Xenophobe.png
fanatic collectivist Fanatic Collectivist.png
fanatic individualist Fanatic Individualist.png
fanatic materialist Fanatic Materialist.png
fanatic militarist Fanatic Militarist.png
fanatic pacifist Fanatic Pacifist.png
fanatic spiritualist Fanatic Spiritualist.png
fanatic xenophile Fanatic Xenophile.png
fanatic xenophobe Fanatic Xenophobe.png


adaptive Adaptive.png
agrarian Agrarian.png
charismatic Charismatic.png
communal Communal.png
conformists Conformists.png
decadent Decadent.png
enduring Enduring.png
extremely adaptive Extremely Adaptive.png
industrious Industrious.png
intelligent Intelligent.png
natural engineers Natural Engineers.png
natural physicists Natural Physicists.png
natural sociologists Natural Sociologists.png
nomadic Nomadic.png
nonadaptive Nonadaptive.png
quick learners Quick Learners.png
rapid breeders Rapid Breeders.png
resilient Resilient.png
repugnant Repugnant.png
sedentary Sedentary.png
slow breeders Slow Breeders.png
slow learners Slow Learners.png
solitary Solitary.png
strong Strong.png
talented Talented.png
thrifty Thrifty.png
venerable Venerable.png
very strong Very Strong.png
weak Weak.png

Tech Categories

biology Biology.png
field manipulation Field Manipulation.png
industry Industry.png
materials Materials.png
military theory Military Theory.png
new worlds New Worlds.png
particles Particles.png
voidcraft Voidcraft.png