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This template can be used to add icons as generated by Template:Icon in front of words.

Use this template to standardise the order of elements in bonuses. It also suppresses alt text for improved accessibility.


Parameter Description Required Default
1 The icon to use. For a list of icons see Template:Icon. required none
2 Width of the icon optional 24px
3 Quantity to add between the icon and text optional none
4 Name of template to apply to quantity (e.g. {{green}}) optional none
or text
Text to display optional same as first parameter


Wiki text Produces
{{iconify|Militarist}} Militarist.png Militarist
{{iconify|Militarist|36px}} Militarist.png Militarist
{{iconify|Minerals||+4}} Minerals.png Minerals
{{iconify|Minerals||−4|red}} Minerals.png Minerals
{{iconify|influence||+1|green|monthly influence}} Influence.png influence

List of available icons

Main article: Template:Icon#List of available icons