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Template to standardize the Unlocks _____ effects of technologies.


{{unlocks|colonize}} will generate Unlocks Colonization: .
Exception: {{unlocks|resource}} generates Reveals Resource:


Input Output
army Unlocks Army:
attachment Unlocks Attachment:
building Unlocks Building:
clear Unlocks Clearing Tile Blockers:
colonize Unlocks Colonization:
component Unlocks Component:
diplomacy Unlocks Diplomacy:
edict Unlocks Edict:
feature Unlocks Feature:
government Unlocks (unrecognized string “government” for Template:Unlocks):
intel Unlocks (unrecognized string “intel” for Template:Unlocks):
module Unlocks Module:
policy Unlocks Policy:
pop Unlocks (unrecognized string “pop” for Template:Unlocks):
resource Reveals Resource:
ship Unlocks Ship Type:
station Unlocks Station: