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This article has been verified for the current PC version (3.5) of the game.

Traits represents a species' innate functions, abilities, and personality. A species's traits are selected at the start of a new game, but a species or certain pops of a species can adapt new traits through genetic engineering or rare events. Traits affect a wide variety of areas, from Mod pop growth speed.png population growth rate to Mod pop resource output.png resource output to Mod leader age.png leader lifespan or even how pops are viewed by each other. Most traits come in mutually exclusive groups that affect the same aspect of the species, such as Nomadic.png Nomadic and Sedentary.png Sedentary, and each species template can only have one such trait from the group at any given time. These groups include traits with opposite effects, as well as stronger variants of a trait. Though traits are initially decided at a species level, individual pops of the same species can end up with different traits with genetic modification, producing new subspecies or variants. This rarely happens without player intervention.

Traits are mostly fixed at the start of the game. Altering traits during the game is generally possible only later in the game through some select events or by using genetic engineering. Certain Biology.png Biology (for Biological species) and Industry.png Industry (for Robotic species) technologies and Ascension Perks add additional Trait Point Trait Points that can be used to alter all or some of a species' Pop.png Pops; modifications can range from altering their planet Mod habitability.png Habitability to adding an additional positive trait or removing a negative one.

Some traits affect how strongly a pop is Mod pop government ethic attraction.png attracted to certain factions.

Biological traitsEdit

Traits are purchased from a points pool, with 2 points being available at the start of the game. Some traits are negative and have a negative cost, refunding points into the pool. Each species is limited to a maximum of 5 traits; traits that cost 0 points do not count against this limit but can only be acquired from certain origins, events, or ascension perks.

Initial traitsEdit

Initial traits are available when first creating a species. They can all be changed later via genetic modification. Initial traits can be both positive and negative, with the two being mutually exclusive. Traits that affect   Happiness cannot be added to species with the   Hive-Minded trait.

The   Adaptive and   Rapid Breeders traits are not normally available to species with the   Lithoid trait but can be added if the   Genetic Resequencing technology has been researched.

Positive traits Negative traits  
Trait Effects     Slave Price Trait Effects     Slave Price
  Adaptive   +10% Habitability 2 +500   Nonadaptive   −10% Habitability −2 −200
  Extremely Adaptive   +20% Habitability 4 +1000
  Agrarian   +15% Food from Jobs 2 +500
  Charismatic   +20% Amenities from Jobs 2 +500   Repugnant   −20% Amenities from Jobs −2 −200
  Communal   −10% Pop Housing Usage 1 +500   Solitary   +10% Pop Housing Usage −1 −200
  Conformists   +30% Governing Ethics Attraction 2 +500   Deviants   −15% Governing Ethics Attraction −1 −200  
  Conservationist   −10% Pop consumer goods upkeep 1 +500   Wasteful   +10% Pop consumer goods upkeep −1 −200  
  Docile   −10% Empire Size from Pops 2 +500   Unruly   +10% Empire Size from Pops −2 −200
  Enduring   +20 years Leader Lifespan 1 +500   Fleeting
  •   −10 years Leader Lifespan if Biological
  •   −25 years Leader Lifespan if Lithoid
−1 −200
  Venerable   +80 years Leader Lifespan 4 +1000
  Industrious   +15% Minerals from Jobs 2 +500
  Ingenious   +15% Energy Credits from Jobs 2 +500
  Intelligent   +10% Research from Jobs 2 +500
  Natural Engineers   +15% Engineering Research from Jobs 1 +500
  Natural Physicists   +15% Physics Research from Jobs 1 +500
  Natural Sociologists   +15% Society Research from Jobs 1 +500
  •   +15% Pop growth from immigration
  •   −25% Resettlement Cost
1 +500   Sedentary
  •   −15% Pop growth from immigration
  •   +25% Resettlement Cost
−1 −200
  Quick Learners   +25% Leader Experience Gain 1 +500   Slow Learners   −25% Leader Experience Gain −1 −200
  Rapid Breeders   +10% Growth Speed 2 +1000   Slow Breeders   −10% Growth Speed −2 −1000
  •   +50% Defense Army Damage
1 +500
  •   +20% Army Damage
  •   +2.5% Worker and Menial Drone Pop Resource Output
1 +1000   Weak
  •   −20% Army Damage
  •   −2.5% Worker and Menial Drone Pop Resource Output
−1 −1000
  Very Strong
  •   +40% Army Damage
  •   +5% Worker and Menial Drone Pop Resource Output
3 +2000
  Talented   +1 Leader Level Cap 1 +500
  Thrifty   +25% Trade value from Jobs 2 +500  
  Traditional   +10% Unity from Jobs 1 +500   Quarrelsome   −10% Unity from Jobs −1 −200
  •   −10% Worker Happiness
  •   −10% Slave Happiness
−1 −200  

Botanic traitsEdit

Botanic traits are only available to species with the Fungoid or Plantoid archetype. Radiotrophic is also available to species with the Lithoid archetype, or for all biological pops after completing the Radioactive Flora terraforming event.

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price Description
  Phototrophic   Replaces half of the Food upkeep with Energy
  •   Radiotrophic
  •   Cave Dweller
1 +1000 This species is sustained by a combination of both food and sunlight.
  •   Replaces half of the Food or Minerals upkeep with Energy
  •   No Energy upkeep on Tomb Worlds
  •   +10% Tomb World Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Tomb World Habitability
  Phototrophic 2 +1500 This species is sustained by a combination of both food and low-energy radiation, and as such can thrive on the most inhospitable of worlds.
  Budding   +0.02 Monthly Organic Pop Assembly per Pop
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Incubators
  •   Clone Soldier
  •   Clone Soldier Ascendant
  •   Necrophage
2 +2000 This species is capable of reproduction by budding, in addition to the more usual fertilization of seeds or spores.

Lithoid traitsEdit

Lithoid traits are only available to species with the Lithoid archetype. The Lithoid trait is always present on such species.

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price Description
  •   −25% Pop Growth Speed
  •   −25% Pop assembly speed
  •   +50% Habitability
  •   +50% Army health
  •   +50 years Leader Lifespan
  • Consumes   Minerals instead of   Food
  •   Agrarian
  •   Extremely Adaptive
  •   Fertile
  •   Delicious
  •   Robust
  •   Nonadaptive
  •   Slow Breeders
0 0 This species has a silicon based biology, and consumes minerals rather than food. They are tougher than traditional organics and have slower metabolisms, making them long lived but slow to reproduce.
  Gaseous Byproducts   +0.01 Monthly Exotic Gases per Pop
  •   Scintillating Skin
  •   Volatile Excretions
2 +1000 The metabolic processes of this species cause regular venting of gases useful to industry.
  Scintillating Skin   +0.01 Monthly Rare Crystals per Pop
  •   Gaseous Byproducts
  •   Volatile Excretions
2 +1000 The outermost layer of this species is studded with sparkling crystals and gemstones that occasionally flake off.
  Volatile Excretions   +0.01 Monthly Volatile Motes per Pop
  •   Gaseous Byproducts
  •   Scintillating Skin
2 +1000 The highly compressed spoor created by this species is unstable and contains an unbelievable amount of power.
  Crystallization   +0.02 Monthly Organic Pop Assembly per Pop
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Incubators
  •   Clone Soldier
  •   Clone Soldier Ascendant
  •   Necrophage
2 +2000 With crystalline growths, this species is capable of generating self replicating lattices of themselves, in addition to the more usual reproductive methods.

Toxic traitsEdit

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price Description
  •   +1% Pop Growth Speed per pops below 37 (max +30%)
  •   −1% Pop Growth Speed per pops above 37 (max −10%)
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Budding
  •   Fertile
2 +2000 When isolated or few in numbers, a species with this trait naturally adapts and is able to focus on procreation with an intentness others would consider extreme. However, when in large numbers, this effect is reversed, and they find reproduction more difficult.
  •   +0.02 Happiness per non-Noxious Pop
  •   +5% Happiness
  •   +50% Army Damage
  •   +30% Species Minimum Habitability
  •   −30% Species Habitability Cap
  •   +10% Pop Housing Usage
  •   −0.01 Happiness per Noxious Pop
1 −500 Extremely unpleasant to be in the vicinity of, beings with this trait take vindication from being insufferable to everyone else.
  Inorganic Breath
  •   +0.02 Monthly Exotic Gases per Pop
  •   +50% Pop Upkeep
3 +1000 The slightly toxic digestive methods of this species have resulted in a highly exotic breath composition.

Origin traitsEdit

Origin traits can only be given by certain empire Origins.

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price   Inherit chance Origin Removable Description DLC
  •   +10% Happiness
  •   +10% Resources from Jobs
  •   Cannot be employed in Ruler or Specialist Jobs
  •   Cannot generate governors or scientists
  •   Zombie
  •   Intelligent
  •   Erudite
  •   Natural Physicists
  •   Natural Sociologists
  •   Natural Engineers
1 +500 33%   Syncretic Evolution   This species evolved alongside a second, more advanced species. Never particularly intelligent to begin with, selective breeding for physical prowess and docility has reduced them to servile proles.  
  Clone Soldier
  •   +50% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   +50% Army Damage
  •   −40 years Leader Lifespan
  •   Admirals gain the Clone Army Admiral trait
  •   Cannot be genetically modified
  •   Cannot reproduce naturally
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Budding
0 0 0%   Clone Army   Engineered for compliance and war: short-lived, unable to reproduce naturally, and very efficient.  
  •   +10 years Leader Lifespan
  •   +70% Tomb World Habitability
0 +500 33%   Post-Apocalyptic   This species has survived the horrors of a nuclear apocalypse. Their capacity for thriving in the most inhospitable circumstances should not be underestimated.  
  Void Dweller
  •   +15% Pop Output on Habitats
  •   −15% Pop Output on Planets
  •   −10% Pop Growth Speed
  •   −30% Pop Happiness on Planets
0 +500 33%   Void Dwellers   This species thrives in orbital habitats, with an instinctive ability to efficiently navigate their maze-like corridors and complicated architecture. However their weakened immune systems do not respond well to a planetary environment.  
  •   +80 years Leader Lifespan
  •   −50% Pop Upkeep
  •   +5% Resources from Ruler and Specialist Jobs
  •   −10% Resources from Worker Jobs
  •   −75% Pop Growth Speed
  •   −50% Pop assembly speed
  Budding 0 0 0%   Necrophage   This species of near-immortals procreates by consuming pops of other species.  
  Cave Dweller
  •   +50% Species Minimum Habitability
  •   +15% Minerals from Jobs
  •   −20% Biological Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Empire Size from Pops
  •   Phototrophic
  •   Aquatic
0 +500 0%   Subterranean   This species thrives under the surface of any planet they can find, at the cost of population growth.  

Overtuned traitsEdit

Overtuned traits can only be added or removed by empires with the   Overtuned origin. Empires that researched the   Genetic Resequencing technology can also remove them. Overtuned traits provide bonuses similar to initial traits for less points but also reduce leader lifespan.

Type Bonuses (doubled by Damn the Consequences edict)   Leader Lifespan     Slave Price Description
  Augmented Intelligence   +10% Research from Jobs −10 1 +1000 More brains equals more brain power. Extra thinking organs have been added in strategic areas of the recipient's body to ensure maximum cognitive capacity. Even if they don't always agree.
  Crafted Smiles   +15% Amenities from Jobs −10 1 +1000 Slightly shifted facial features, a mix of enhanced and slackened muscular development - and of course outside chemicals - have created the perfect smile. Forever.
  Dedicated Miner   +15% Minerals from Jobs −10 1 +1000 Supreme hand-eye coordination, near endless endurance and self-purifying lungs have created entire crack teams of miners. Sadly they get brittle without sunlight.
  Expressed Tradition   +10% Unity from Jobs −10 1 +1000 Fanaticism on demand: faith is merely a cocktail of hormones, one we have perfected. Where that faith eventually leads is a matter of subsequent guidance.
  Farm Appendages   +15% Food from Jobs −10 1 +1000 The more appendages, the higher the farming output. Some appendages can even operate while their host is asleep. Rumors of hosts strangled by their new limbs have been deemed unfounded in our latest investigation.
  Gene Mentorship   +25% Leader Experience Gain −10 1 +1000 By combining genetically redesigned 'instinctive knowledge' and outside chemical stimuli, we have succeeded in vastly accelerating our learning capacities. Although it has resulted in some extremely paranoid individuals.
  Juiced Power
  •   +40% Army Damage
  •   +5% Worker and Menial Drone Pop Resource Output
−10 1 +1000 Adrenaline released on demand and hyper-potent growth hormones have led to a massive increase in strength. Just ignore the occasional internal tearing.
  Low Maintenance   −10% Pop consumer goods upkeep −10 1 +1000 Reduced consumption, excretion, and rest rates have resulted in twice the beings for half the price. However, demand for protein-rich meals has increased.
  Spliced Adaptability   +20% Habitability −10 1 +1000 A few genetic snips and slices here and there and they can survive nearly anywhere. The process comes with an acceptable number of deaths from side effects.
  Technical Talent   +15% Energy from Jobs −10 1 +1000 Extra internal organs grant a vastly increased innate sensitivity to electricity and magnetic fields. Reports of recipients hearing screams and voices from the reactors should be ignored.
  Elevated Synapses
  •   +20% Research from Jobs
  •   +2 Leader Level Cap
−30 2 +2000 As a computational device, a brain does not run at 100% capacity. However, we have gone beyond the standard usage. If issues are encountered, try turning it off and on again.
  Pre-Planned Growth
  •   +30% Pop Growth Speed
  •   −10% Pop Housing Usage
−30 2 +2000 Scheduled fertility, scheduled interest, scheduled compatibility. Population growth on demand for a strong and stable population - with a few minor edits here and there. Jealous individuals are to be directed to the nearest Fertility Center for mandatory training.
  Excessive Endurance
  •   +5% Resources from Jobs
  •   +30% Habitability
−30 3 +2000 The greatest in adaptability genes have been hyper-expressed in these specimens. Mutation rates around 30% indicate a somewhat stable and successful experiment.

Special traitsEdit

These traits are required for special cases of species and cannot be removed from the creation menu.

The   Hive-Minded trait can only be added by hive mind empires and can only be removed by empires that are not hive minds. Pops with this trait in an non-Hive Mind empire will slowly die while pops without the Hive-Minded trait in a Hive Mind empire can only be displaced, purged or used as livestock.

Special traits that cost trait points can be removed via the biological ascension path. Special traits that do not cost trait points have a fixed chance of being inherited by hybrid species.

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price   Inherit chance Requirements Description DLC
  •   Cannot colonize if not primary species
  •   Cannot be removed
0 0 0% A New Species event Members of this offshoot species have spontaneously altered their genetic makeup to give themselves an advantage.
  •   +50% Habitability
  •   +15% Pop Growth Speed
2 +100 random Impossible Organism event species This species possessed perplexing adaptability, allowing it to thrive in most environments and survive virtually everywhere.
  Bioadaptability   +5% Habitability 0 +500 33% Orbital Speed Demon event This species has been modified to be slightly more adaptive and can now better endure harsh climates.
  Limited Regeneration
  •   +10% Army Damage
  •   +10 years Leader Lifespan
0 +250 33% Orbital Speed Demon event This species is has been modified to heal faster, making them more dangerous in battle and somewhat longer-lived in general.
  Social Pheromones
  •   −5% Pop Housing Usage
0 +250 33% Orbital Speed Demon event This species has been modified to be more social and accepting of crowded conditions.
  •   +10% Army Damage
  •   +20% Habitability
  •   +40 years Leader Lifespan
  •   Latent Psionic
  •   Psionic
0 +1500 0%
  •   The Flesh is Weak ascension perk
  •   Driven Assimilator civic
  •   Keepers of Knowledge fallen empire
This species has embraced cybernetics on such a scale that its members may be considered cyborgs. They routinely replace their organic body parts with more advanced mechanical versions.
  •   +10% Energy from Jobs
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
  •   +5% Happiness
  •   Leaders have the Psychic trait
  Cybernetic 0 +1500 25%
  •   Transcendence ascension perk
  •   Holy Guardians fallen empire
  •   Ketling Star Pack pops
  •   Racket Industrial Enterprise pops
All members of this species possess powerful psionic abilities. They typically communicate with each other through telepathy.
  Latent Psionic
  •   +5% Energy from Jobs
  •   +5% Research from Jobs
  •   Leaders have a chance to gain the Psychic trait
  Cybernetic 0 +1500 25%
  •   Mind over Matter ascension perk
  •   Teachers of the Shroud origin
This species has latent psionic abilities, which are dormant in most of its members. Although quite rare, these powers will manifest in some leaders.  
  •   Not affected by Happiness
  •   +20 years Leader Lifespan
  •   −10 years Leader Initial Age
0 0     Hive Mind This species is made up of semi-autonomous individuals slaved to a single, unfathomably vast consciousness.  
  Clone Soldier Ascendant
  •   +50% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   +20% Habitability
  •   +40% Resources from Ruler Jobs
  •   +25% Resources from Specialist Jobs
  •   +75% Army Damage
  •   +25% Army Health
  •   Admirals gain the Ascendant Clone Army Admiral trait
  •   Cannot be genetically modified
  •   Cannot reproduce naturally
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Budding
0 +500     Genetic Crossroads event Clones at their genetically-engineered peak, with further improved strength, efficiency, durability, and longevity - but forever infertile.  
  Clone Soldier Descendant
  •   +20% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   +20% Army Damage
  •   Admirals gain the Descendant Clone Army Admiral trait
0 +1000 random   Genetic Crossroads event Once infertile, engineered for compliance and war. Their genetic edge diminished, they are now stable enough for natural reproduction.  
  Docile Livestock
  •   +30% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Unity from Jobs
  •   −50% Energy from Jobs
  •   −75% Research from Jobs
  •   Cannot generate Leaders
  •   Cannot be employed in Ruler or Specialist Jobs
  •   Not affected by Happiness
  •   Intelligent
  •   Erudite
  •   Natural Physicists
  •   Natural Sociologists
  •   Natural Engineers
1 0 random   Wild Eukaryotes event species Docile and delicious, this species has had its higher brain functions genetically altered to create a kind of harmless livestock that can care for itself, without the pesky need for social interaction or self-determination.  
  Brain Slug Host
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
  •   +10% Unity from Jobs
  •   −25% Pop Growth Speed
0 0 0%   Neural Symbiosis event This species is enjoying the presence of a neural symbiont: a helpful slug that attaches itself to the brain stem of its host.  
  •   −60% Research from Jobs
  •   Intelligent
0 −150 0%   Enigmatic Cache event This species has suffered the tragic consequences of an uplifting gone wrong.  
  Somewhat Uplifted
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
  •   Intelligent
0 +500 0%   Enigmatic Cache event This species was partially uplifted by a benevolent extragalactic intellect and has left some of its primitive origins behind.  
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
  •   +25% Leader Experience Gain
  •   Slow Learners
  •   Erudite
  •   Nerve Stapled
0 +750 0%   Enigmatic Cache event This species was uplifted by a benevolent extragalactic intellect and has left its primitive origins behind.  
  Numistic Administration
  •   +33% Trade Value from Jobs
  •   +33% Trade Value from Living Standards
1 0 0%   Numistic Order pops This species has been trained in the holy art of Numistic Administration.  
  •   −100% Pop Upkeep
  •   −25% Resources from Jobs
  •   Not affected by Happiness
  •   Cannot generate Leaders
  •   Cannot be employed in Ruler or Specialist Jobs
  •   Cannot colonize
  •   Cannot reproduce naturally
  •   Serviles
  •   Nerve Stapled
0 +500  
  •   Permanent Employment civic
The remains of a once-proud sapient being, this husk is not suitable for much more than the simplest tasks.  
  •   +20% Ocean Habitability
  •   −10% Housing Usage on Ocean Worlds
  •   +10% Worker Output on Ocean Worlds
  •   −20% Dry and Frozen planet Habitability
  •   +30% Housing Usage on Dry and Frozen planets
  •   Hydrocentric ascension boosts this trait's effects by 50%
1 0 random
  •   Ocean Preference trait
  •   Anglers civic
  •   Ocean Paradise origin
  •   Evolutionary Mastery ascension perk
This species is perfectly adapted to living in the depths of the ocean. However, on dry land, it is like a fish out of water.  

Biological ascension traitsEdit

There are 5 advanced traits which are made available for genetic modification if the   Evolutionary Mastery ascension perk is taken and   Genetic Resequencing has been researched. Biological ascension traits are only half as likely as standard traits to be inherited by hybrid species. The   Exotic Metabolism trait also requires the   Toxoids DLC.

Type Effects Excludes     Slave Price Description
  •   +2 Food from Livestock and Processing
  •   Lithoid
2 +1000 This species has the curious evolutionary adaptation of being highly nutritious when eaten.
  Nerve Stapled
  •   +5% Resources from Jobs
  •   Cannot be employed in Ruler, Specialist or Complex Drone jobs
  •   Cannot generate Leaders
  •   Not Affected by Happiness
  •   Can't join a faction
  •   Zombie
  •   Erudite
  •   Intelligent
  •   Natural Physicists
  •   Natural Sociologists
  •   Natural Engineers
  •   Talented
  •   Communal
  •   Solitary
3 +1500 Unessential neural pathways relating to self-preservation and free-will are severed, creating a docile and obedient client species.
  •   +20% Resources from researcher category jobs
  •   +1 Leader Level Cap
  •   Erudite Leaders have special traits
  •   Intelligent
  •   Nerve Stapled
  •   Uplifted
4 +2000 Biological engineering has unlocked previously dormant parts of this species' brains, greatly increasing mental acuity.
  •   +30% Pop Growth Speed
  •   −10% Pop Housing Usage
  •   Lithoid
  •   Rapid Breeders
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Incubators
4 +2000 The natural fecundity of this species has been dramatically enhanced through aggressive physical and behaviorial sculpting.
  •   +30% Habitability
  •   +5% Resources from Jobs
  •   +50 years Leader Lifespan
  •   Lithoid
  •   Extremely Adaptive
  •   Adaptive
  •   Nonadaptive
4 +2000 Bio-Optimized organs with redundant functions have made this species extraordinarily resistant to environmental hazards and disease.
  Exotic Metabolism
  •   +25% Habitability
  •   +25% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +50 years Leader Lifespan
  •   +0.125% Exotic Gas Upkeep
1 +750 A metabolism based on exotic - and expensive - gases has vastly enhanced this species' abilities.

Pre-Sapient traitsEdit

Pre-Sapient species have exclusive traits that cannot otherwise be chosen when creating or modifying a species. They retain these traits after being uplifted as a sapient species. All of these traits cost 1 trait point.

Type Effects Description
  •   +5% Happiness
  •   +25% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   −33% Leader Experience Gain
Members of this species often prefer old wisdom over new experiences.
  •   +10% Energy from Jobs
  •   +50% Defense Army Damage
Members of this species are very possessive of the planets they call home.
  •   +100% Tomb World Habitability
  •   +30 Years Leader Lifespan
This species has evolved to thrive in environments subject to extremely high levels of background radiation.
  Natural Intellectuals
  •   +5% Unity from Jobs
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
  •   −10% Minerals from Jobs
Members of this species are more philosophically inclined than most.
  •   +10% Army Damage
  •   +10% Minerals from Jobs
  •   +10% Food from Jobs
  •   −15% Research from Jobs
This species has traditionally shunned intellectual pursuits in favor of physical labor.
  •   +25% Pop Growth from Immigration
  •   −25% Resettlement Cost
  •   +10% Habitability
This species has always, consciously or not, longed to traverse the void between the stars.

Climate preference traitsEdit

Each organic species has a climate preference trait that determines their base   Habitability on the various types of planets, usually that corresponding to the type of their homeworld. Habitability traits can be changed through genetic modification, but a pop can never have more than one Habitability trait. The Habitability of other celestial body types is unaffected by these traits.

Preference Climate   80% Habitability   60% Habitability   20% Habitability
  Arid Dry   Arid
  •   Desert
  •   Savannah
  •   Alpine
  •   Arctic
  •   Tundra
  •   Continental
  •   Ocean
  •   Tropical
  Desert Dry   Desert
  Savannah Dry   Savannah
  Alpine Frozen   Alpine
  •   Arid
  •   Desert
  •   Savannah
  •   Continental
  •   Ocean
  •   Tropical
  Arctic Frozen   Arctic
  Tundra Frozen   Tundra
  Continental Wet   Continental
  •   Ocean
  •   Tropical
  Ocean Wet   Ocean
  •   Continental
  •   Tropical
  Tropical Wet   Tropical
  •   Continental
  •   Ocean

Exotic climate preferencesEdit

Exotic climate preferences can only be obtained through Origins, events, conquest of a unique species, or when the   Omnicodex relic creates a species on a matching celestial body.

Preference Trait   Habitability
on native climate
on regular planets
Sources other than the Omnicodex
  Tomb World Preference 80%   Tomb World 60% Pre-FTL or pre-sapient species inhabiting a Tomb World
Horizon Signal event
A New Species event on a Tomb World
  Gaia World Preference 100%   Gaia World 0% Primitive or pre-sapient species inhabiting a Gaia World
  Life-Seeded Origin
  Baol pops created by the Nu-Baol Life Seeding decision
  The Unexpected Mutations Terraforming event
  Habitat Preference 100%   Habitat 0%   Void Dwellers Origin
Marauder and Enclave pops
  Ring World Preference 100%   Ring World 0%   Shattered Ring Origin
Sanctuary pre-FTL civilizations
  AI World Preference 100%   AI World 1%
  Hive World Preference 100%   Hive World 0%
  Machine World Preference 100%   Machine World 0%
  Relic World Preference 80%   Relic World 0%

Robot traitsEdit

All robot species have either the   Mechanical or the   Machine trait. Both traits grant +200%   Habitability on all planets.   Mechanical Pops can exist within   Machine Intelligence empires via conquest but   Machine Pops cannot exist outside   Machine Intelligence empires. All such species can then be given new traits through Robomodding once the   Machine Template System technology is researched, a few of them being restricted to   Mechanical or   Machine species. Robotic traits can be both positive and negative, which are mutually exclusive with each other, and both of them can be added and removed at will once the technology to enable Robomodding becomes available.

Empires that are not   Machine Intelligence must research higher tiers of robot technologies before they can add some of the more powerful traits to   Mechanical Pops.

Positive Traits Negative Traits Requirements
Trait Effect     Slave Price Trait Effect     Slave Price
  •   Not affected by Happiness
  •   +200% Habitability
  •   Immortal Leaders
0 0   Machine Intelligence
  •   Not affected by Happiness unless the Artificial Intelligence policy is not set to Outlawed
  •   +200% Habitability
  •   Immortal Leaders
  •   Cannot generate Leaders without the Synthetic Personality Matrix technology
0 0   Robotic Workers
  Domestic Protocols
  •   Can be employed in Servant jobs if under AI Servitude
  •   +20% Amenities from Jobs
2 +750
  •   Droids
  •   Mechanical trait
  Double Jointed   −10% Pop Housing Usage 1 +750   Bulky   +10% Pop Housing Usage –1 –150
  Durable   –10% Robot Upkeep 1 +750   High Maintenance   +10% Robot Upkeep –1 –150
  Efficient Processors   +5% Resources from Jobs 3 +500
  Emotion Emulators   +20% Amenities from Jobs 1 +750   Uncanny   −20% Amenities from Jobs –1 –150   Machine trait
  Enhanced Memory   +2 Leader Level Cap 2 +750   Synthetic Personality Matrix
  Harvesters   +15% Food from Jobs 2 +750   Mechanical trait
  Learning Algorithms   +25% Leader Experience Gain 1 +750   Repurposed Hardware   –25% Leader Experience Gain –1 –150   Synthetic Personality Matrix
  Logic Engines   +10% Research from Jobs 2 +750   Synthetics
  Loyalty Circuits   +10% Happiness 2 +500
  •   Synthetics
  •   Mechanical trait
  Mass-Produced   +15% Pop Assembly Speed 1 +1500   Custom-Made   –15% Pop Assembly Speed –1 –200
  Power Drills   +15% Minerals from Jobs 2 +750
  Propaganda Machines   +15% Unity from Jobs 1 +750   Mechanical trait
  Recycled   –20% Pop Assembly Cost 2 +1500   Luxurious   +20% Pop Assembly Cost –2 –200
  Streamlined Protocols   –10% Empire Size from Pops 2 +750   High Bandwidth   +10% Empire Size from Pops –2 –150
  Superconductive   +15% Energy Credits from Jobs 2 +750


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