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Policies -> new section

Diplomatic Stance

The Diplomatic Stance determines the behavior an empire takes towards other on the galactic stage.

Stance Effects Requirements Description
  •   +25% Diplomatic Weight
  •   +50% Opinion from Envoys
  •   -50% Border Friction
  •   0.25 Influence cost to send Envoys to Harm Relations
Not     Genocidal This empire will attempt to find common ground and negotiate with other empires in the name of friendship.
  •   +15% Colony Development Speed
  •   +100 Border Friction
Not     Genocidal This empire seeks to grow peacefully, but has no specific diplomatic focus.
  •   +15% Administrative Capacity
  •   +10% Monthly Unity
  •   +25% Governing Ethics Attraction
  •   -50% Diplomatic Weight
  •   +100% Diplomatic Influence Cost
  •   +200 Border Friction
  •   0.25 Influence cost to send Envoys to Improve or Harm Relations
  • Not     Genocidal
  • Not   Corporate authority
This empire wishes to be left alone to their own affairs.
  •   -10% War Exhaustion Gain
  •   +10% Naval Capacity
  •   -10% Claim Influence Cost
  •   0.25 Influence cost to send Envoys to Improve Relations
Not     Genocidal This empire will attempt to bully weaker empires into submission to their will.
  •   -20% War Exhaustion Gain
  •   +20% Naval Capacity
  •   -10% Claim Influence Cost
  •   0.25 Influence cost to send Envoys to Improve Relations
  •   Fewer restriction for declaring Rivalry both for and against the empire
  •   Lower Opinion with all empires with the same Diplomatic Stance Policy
  • Not     Genocidal
  • Finishing the Supremacy tradition tree
This empire demands that all will bow before them.
  •   +25% Diplomatic Weight from Economy
  •   +10% Trade Value
  •   +5 Trade Protection
  •   0.25 Influence cost to keep borders closed against non-Rivals
  Corporate authority or   Corporate Dominion civic This empire desires the facilitation of trade above all else.
Purification   Fanatic Purifiers civic This empire believes that enemies exist solely to be destroyed, and that they are the ones chosen to do so.

Empire -> replace Homeworld


The Origin represents the background of a species before it unified itself into an empire. In games with randomly generated AI empire most Origins can only appear once.

Origin Effects Requirements Description DLC
Galactic Doorstep Start with a dormant Gateway in the home system This civilization has a dormant gateway in their home system - potential technological benefit, or a looming menace?
Lost Colony An Advanced Empire with the same species will exist somewhere in the galaxy    Gestalt Consciousness This civilization originated as a lost and forgotten colony, separated from its homeworld long ago. The struggling colonists endured many hardships before they were able to build up the necessary technological and industrial base that would allow for a return to space.
Prosperous Unification
  •   Start with 4 additional Pops
  •   Start with 2 additional Districts
A stable planetary unification has allowed this civilization to prosper and grow.
Calamitous Birth
  •   Start with a Massive Crater Planetary Feature
  •   Can build Meteorite Colony Ships
  Lithoid main species Not native to their "Homeworld", these Lithoids arrived there when a meteorite slammed into the planet and killed off most of its native life.  
  •   Start with the Powered Exoskeletons technology researched
  •   Start with the Robotic Workers technology researched
  •   Start with 8 robot Pops
  •   -5% Robot Upkeep
  Materialist or   Fanatic Materialist This society has been preoccupied with the idea of metallic automatons since the early Steam Age. Although many said it could not be done, the first true robots left the assembly lines long before even rudimentary space flight was achieved.  
Syncretic Evolution   Start with 12 Pops being of another species with the   Serviles trait
  •    Gestalt Consciousness
  •    Agrarian Idyll
  •    Slaver Guilds
  •    Shared Burdens
  •    Fanatic Purifiers
A second species forms an integral part of this civilization. They are big, strong and most of them have the intelligence of a particularly dim-witted child. Ancient wars have culled their species of their most aggressive tendencies, leaving them quite servile.  
Tree of Life
  •   Start with a Tree of Life Planetary Feature
  •   Colonies start with a Tree of Life Sapling Planetary Feature
  • Disastrous effects if control of the homeworld is lost
  •   Hive Mind
  •    Devouring Swarm
This Hive evolved in a symbiotic relationship with a vast Tree. The Tree grants them many benefits, but its loss would cripple them.  
Resource Consolidation   Homeworld is a Machine World
  •   Machine Intelligence
  •    Rogue Servitor
This Machine Intelligence has long-since consolidated all resources in their home system into their capital world, covering it entirely with machinery.  
  •   Homeworld is a size 25 Gaia world with Strategic Resource Planetary Features
  •   Start with Gaia World Preference
   Machine Intelligence This society has evolved in a paradise, possibly designed just for them.  
  •   Homeworld is a Tomb World
      Pops have the Survivor trait
  •    Agrarian Idyll
  •    Machine Intelligence
Baptized by nuclear fire, this society has faced total annihilation - and survived. Devastated yet unbroken, they have rebuilt civilization from the ashes of the old world.  
Common Ground
  •   Start with the Federation tradition
  •   Start as the president of a Galactic Union Federation with two members with similar ethics
  •   There will be no Guaranteed Habitable Worlds regardless of game settings
  •    Xenophobe or   Fanatic Xenophobe
  •    Gestalt Consciousness
  •    Inwards Perfection
  •    Fanatic Purifiers
  •    Barbaric Despoilers
This civilization established early contact with their immediate alien neighbors. Finding strength in their differences, they soon decided to face the future, and whatever it might bring, together. Federations
  •   Start with the Federation tradition
  •   Start as the president of a Hegemony Federation with two members with similar ethics
  •   There will be no Guaranteed Habitable Worlds regardless of game settings
  •    Xenophobe or   Fanatic Xenophobe
  •    Gestalt Consciousness
  •    Inwards Perfection
  •    Fanatic Purifiers
This civilization established early contact with their immediate alien neighbors. Gradually, over the span of a century, they masterminded the birth of an interstellar union in which they would have a dominant role. Federations
  •   Homeworld will explode in 35-45 years
  •   Valuable resources from the homeworld boost production on the surface
  •   No guaranteed habitable planets will spawn near the home system
This civilization's homeworld is highly unstable, and it is only a matter of time before it explodes. Their only hope is to seek refuge elsewhere before it is too late. Federations
On the Shoulders of Giants Home system has an Archaeological Site related to a mysterious benefactor    Gestalt Consciousness Due to some unknown past, this civilization have hidden boons in their solar system, placed there by a mysterious benefactor. Federations
Remnants   Homeworld is a Relic World
  Homeworld starts with Ruined Arcology blockers which may unlock random techs when cleared
   Agrarian Idyll This civilization once spanned the void, controlling much of the galaxy. They were eventually defeated and almost destroyed, but after a long period of destitution they are returning to the stars. Federations
  •   Start as a subject of a   Fanatic Materialist or   Fanatic Spiritualist Fallen Empire
  •   Can use the Scion Casus Belli
  •    Fanatic Xenophobe
  •    Gestalt Consciousness
A Fallen Empire has meddled in the development of this civilizations for thousands of years, guiding them onto a path of their choosing. Federations
Shattered Ring
  •   Homeworld is a Ring World segment with an Arcane Generator Planetary Feature
  •   Can repair two other segments
  •   Start with an irreparable segment with a deposit of 15   Minerals
  •   Start with a shattered world with a deposit of 15   Minerals
   Agrarian Idyll This civilization inhabits a Ringworld built by unknown forerunners. If it can be understood and fully repaired it will grant them great power. Federations
Void Dwellers
  •   Start on three Habitats instead of a homeworld
  •   Start with the Orbital Habitats technology researched
  •   Hydroponic farms have +1 Farmer Jobs
  • Severe habitability penalty on normal planets
  • Pops have the Void Dweller trait
  •    Gestalt Consciousness
  •    Agrarian Idyll
This civilization has made its home in space for as long as it has maintained records - life in a typical planetary environment is anathema to them. They live on three orbital habitats that were only recently united. Federations

Species rights -> Slavery type -> replace table

Type Pop Effects Requirements Description DLC
Chattel Slavery   +10% Resources from Jobs
  -30% Happiness
  0.75 Pop Housing Usage
Not   Gestalt Consciousness Chattel Slaves have increased resource production but cannot be employed in   Ruler or   Specialist Jobs.

Chattel Slavery is the most common form of slavery in the galaxy. Whether for life or a limited time, unrestricted access to the labor of others is in some parts seen as a privilege with numerous counter-duties attached, and elsewhere considered a self-evident prerequisite for a functioning society.

Domestic Servitude   -20% Happiness Not   Gestalt Consciousness Domestic Servants that are not holding another job will be employed as   Servants, producing +4   Amenities. They cannot perform   Ruler or   Specialist Jobs, with the sole exception of working as   Entertainers.

Domestic servants spend much of their time tending to the needs of free Pops - some are assigned to individual domiciles, while others tend to public spaces. They tend to live alongside their masters, and thus require almost no dedicated housing.

Battle Thralls   -20% Happiness
  +20% Army Damage
  0.75 Pop Housing Usage
Not   Gestalt Consciousness Battle Thralls have no bonuses to resource production, but make excellent soldiers for local Armies. They cannot perform   Ruler or   Specialist Jobs, with the exception of working as   Duelist,   Enforcer, and   Soldier.

Battle thralls are weaponized serfs, often trained from birth in the martial arts and conditioned for absolute obedience. In exchange for unquestioning military service, they are granted much more autonomy than other slaves and can be employed in a greater variety of jobs.

Indentured Servitude   -20% Happiness
  +50% Political Power
Not   Gestalt Consciousness Indentured Servants can be employed in   Worker or   Specialist Jobs, but retain more political power than other slaves.

They can theoretically pay off their debts and be freed, but their contracts are intentionally structured to make this a non-issue.

Livestock   -40% Happiness
  0.25 Pop Housing Usage
   Xenophobe or   Hive Mind Livestock Pops can not be employed to produce anything, but are instead regularly culled to increase   Food supply. Lithoid Livestock produce   Minerals instead.

Livestock is Pops!

Grid Amalgamation   -40% Happiness   Machine Intelligence Grid Amalgamated pops cannot be employed to produce anything but are instead used as organic batteries to generate +4   energy.

"A long-term alternative to Chemical Processing, where enough of the organic population survives the process to continue to power our energy grid indefinitely."

Combined with a form of fusion, we have found all the energy we will ever need.


Megastructures -> Multi-stage megastructures -> new entry

Megastructure Production Upkeep Time Cost Notes AP DLC
Interstellar Assembly
Site None   -5   5 years   300
  5 000
Stage I (Locus)   +10 Other Empires' Opinion
+10% Diplomatic Weight
+1 Available Envoys
  -10   5 years   10 000
Stage II (Consul Ring)   +20 Other Empires' Opinion
+20% Diplomatic Weight
+1 Available Envoys
  -20   5 years   10 000
Stage III (Forum Modules)   +30 Other Empires' Opinion
+30% Diplomatic Weight
+2 Available Envoys
  -30   5 years   10 000
Stage IV (Completed)   +50 Other Empires' Opinion
+40% Diplomatic Weight
+2 Available Envoys
  -40   5 years   10 000
Mega Shipyard Site None   -5   5 years
  3.33 years
  5 000
  • All ships start with 100 experience
Stage I (Framework)   +10 Shipyard Capacity
 +33% Empire Ship Build Speed
Stage II (Core)   +20 Shipyard Capacity
 +66% Empire Ship Build Speed
Stage III (Complete)   +30 Shipyard Capacity
 +100% Empire Ship Build Speed

Warfare -> Casus Belli and Wargoals -> new entry

Casus Belli and Wargoals Requirements Surrender Acceptance Surrender Effect Status Quo Effect
  Bring Into Fold
Scion Origin If the Scion wins the loser becomes a subject of the Scion's overlord All systems fully occupied by the Scion will be turned into a subject of the Scion's overlord.

Core components -> replace Aura


This optional subsystem for Titans and Juggernauts projects an aura around the ship which causes all enemy ships that enter it to suffer a penalty while giving a bonus to all friendly ships that enter it. While optional, they do not cost anything.

Auras from multiple titans do not stack.

Aura Ship Type Aura effect
  Quantum Destabilizer Titan Offensive   -10% Fire Rate on Hostile Ships
  Shield Dampener Titan Offensive   -20% Shield Hit Points on Hostile Ships
  Subspace Snare Titan Offensive   +100% Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown on Hostile Ships
  -20% Combat Disengagement Chance on Hostile Ships
  Inspiring Presence Titan Defensive   +5% Fire Rate on Allied Ships
  Nanobot Cloud Titan Defensive   +1 Daily Hull Regen on Allied Ships
  +3 Daily Armor Regen on Allied Ships
  Targeting Grid Titan Defensive   +10 Tracking on Allied Ships
  ECM Emitters Juggernaut Offensive   -30% Point Defense Damage on Hostile Ships
  -30% Point Defense Firing Rate on Hostile Ships
  Munitions Plant Juggernaut Defensive   +30% Orbital Bombardment Damage on Allied Ships
  Strike Command Juggernaut Defensive   +20% Strike Craft Damage on Allied Ships
  +20% Strike Craft Speed on Allied Ships
  Subspace Amplifier Juggernaut Defensive   -40% Hyper Jump Charge Time on Allied Ships
  -40% Hyper Jump Cooldown on Allied Ships
  -40% Jump Drive Cooldown on Allied Ships
  Target Acquisition Array Juggernaut Defensive   +40% Ship Weapons Range on Allied Ships

Diplomacy -> new sections


Envoys are minor Leaders are can be assigned to various diplomatic tasks. Once an Envoy is assigned to a task it cannot be reassigned again for a year. Envoys can be assigned to the following tasks:

  • Improve the   Opinion of another empire, up to +400, and lower the requirements for diplomatic actions
  • Lower the   Opinion of another empire, up to -400
  • Improve monthly Federation Cohesion by +1
  • Increase Diplomatic Weight by +10%


Favors can be traded via diplomatic trade or obtained through events and have two purposes. First, an empire can call upon Favors to add another empire's Diplomatic Weight to theirs when voting Resolutions in the Galactic Community as long as they don't already vote identically. Second, Favors increase the acceptance rate of certain diplomatic agreements by +5 for each Favor. An empire can owe another empire up to 10 Favors.

Multiple empires can call upon Favors from the same target empire.

Galactic Community

The Galactic Community is a governing body where each member empire can vote on laws that affect all other member empires. Once an empire that is not   Gestalt Consciousness or   Fanatic Purifiers has established communications with half of the other empires in the galaxy all said empires will be offered to form the Galactic Community. If at least 3 empires agree the Galactic Community will be created. Any empire that established communications with a Galactic Community member is able to join or leave. Leaving the Galactic Community costs   Influence scaled with the current Empire Sprawl. If an empire leaves for 20 years it will be unable to rejoin and suffer an   Opinion penalty with the current Galactic Community members.


Resolutions are laws passed by the Galactic Community Senate and affect every member of the Galactic Community. Any member can propose a Resolution at any time, which is then added the proposal list. Each member can only have one Resolution in the list. Once a Senate session is over the proposed Resolution with the highest Diplomatic Weight will become the subject of the next session.

When a Resolution is in session and is being voted on, empires can support, oppose or abstain. Supporting or opposing a Resolution will add an empire’s Diplomatic Weight to either side. A Resolution will pass if the Diplomatic Weight in favor of the Resolution is higher than the amount opposing it.

Commerce and Industry

Resolution Modifiers Desctiption
Buzzword Standardization
  • +10% Diplomatic Weight from Economy
  •   +5% Trade Value
  • +5% Bureaucrat Upkeep
We have to enable our enterprises to work seamlessly with one another. Streamlining strategic communications empowers our agents, making hitting key performance metrics easier.
Leveraged Privateering
Underdeveloped System Utilization
Holistic Asset Coordination
Profit Maximization Engines
Regulatory Facilitation

Politics and Culture

Resolution Effects Desctiption
Charter of the Worker's Rights   +5% Trade Value It is only right for us to codify the rights of the worker and protect them from common abuses.
Form Galactic Council

Environment and Technology

Resolution Effects Desctiption
Natural Sanctuaries
Advanced Xenostudies

Defense and War

Resolution Modifiers Effects
Guardian Angels Act
Military Readiness Act
  • +10% Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power
  •   +20 Naval Capacity
  •   +10% Ship Upkeep
Galactic Community members that are not vassals of another empire that are using less than half of their naval capacity are in Breach of the Galactic Law.
Reverence for Life

Galactic Priorities

Diplomatic Weight

Diplomatic Weight is a measure of how influential an empire is within the Galactic Community and determines its Voting Power. Diplomatic Weight is gained from Fleet Power, Economy, Technology and Pops and their Happiness. Assigning an Envoy to the Calactic council increases Diplomatic Weight by +10% and the Cooperative Diplomatic Stance Policy increases the empire's Diplomatic Weight by +25%.

Galactic Council

The Galactic Council can be created by passing the Form Galactic Council Resolution and chosen from the member empires with the highest Diplomatic Weight every 20 years. Galactic Council members can Veto the current Resolution in session as well as declare a proposed Resolution an emergency and put it into session immediately once every 10 years. They also have their Diplomatic Weight increased by +20%.


A Federation fleet from every species class.

Federations are groups of empires that band together for mutual benefit. Diplomatic relations inside of a Federation become more favorable: members do not generate Border Friction amongst themselves and they build Trust with each other to a cap of +100. A Federation's name is randomized at creation but the president can change the name at will. In the default map view, all Federation members share the same color.

A federation can only be created by an empire that adopts the   Federation tradition from the Diplomacy tree. Federation members share 10% of their victory score with each member.

An invited empire must have a positive acceptance score with all existing federation members to join a federation. Hovering over the diplomatic choice will show which empires agree and disagree.

Federation Types

The Federation type represents the principle upon which a Federation is created and provides different modifiers and perks to its member empires. Aside from the Galactic Union each type of Federation requires the Federations DLC.

The Federation type can be changed as the game progresses. Doing so however will return the Federation level to 1.

Type Modifiers Creation requirements
Galactic Union Diverse Ethics impose a 50% smaller penalty to Federation Cohesion None
Trade League   Trade Policy is changed to Trade League   Merchant Guilds civic or   Corporate authority
Research Cooperative   Free and automatic Research Agreements with all members   Materialist,   Fanatic Materialist or   Machine Intelligence
Martial Alliance   +100 Ship Starting Experience
  +100 Army Starting Experience
  +25% Ship Build Speed
  Militarist or   Fanatic Militarist
Hegemony Members cannot leave the Federation without the President's approval
Its refusal grants the member a special Wargoal
The Federation President gain a special Wargoal to force other empires to join the Federation
  Authoritarian,   Fanatic Authoritarian or   Rogue Servitor

Federation Perks

Federations will get access to new perks when they level up, and the perks they get access to depend on their type. There are usually 2 perks that gives bonuses to every member and 1 perk that gives bonuses only to the president. However, the Hegemony flips this around by giving the president 2 perks and the members 1 perk. Each time a Federation levels up it will gain access to new perks.

Federation type Level 1 perks Level 2 perks Level 3 perks Level 4 perks Level 5 perks
Galactic Union
Trade League
Research Cooperative
Martial Alliance

Federation Cohesion

Cohesion is a measure of how unified a Federation is and ranges from +100 to -100. Each ten points of Cohesion above 0 adds +1 XP to a Federation, up to +10 at +100 Cohesion. Conversely each ten points of Cohesion below 0 adds -1 XP to a Federation, up to -10 at -100 Cohesion. Cohesion is lowered continuously by members having different Ethics, especially opposing Ethics, and temporarily each time a member joins or leaves the Federation. This can be countered by assigning Envoys to the Federation. Each assigned Envoy increases Federation Cohesion by +1.

Too much negative experience will cause a Federation to drop a level, which will remove that level's Perks in a few months.

Federation Fleet

Federations that have their Fleet Contribution law above None feature a joint fleet in addition to the forces of the separate member empires, under control of the current Federation President. Federation Fleets cost no maintenance and use the Federation Fleet capacity, to which every member contributes based on the Fleet Contribution law, up to 500. The Fleets cannot exceed this cap. The Entente Coordination tradition doubles the Naval Capacity contribution of the members that adopt it while not reducing their own further. Federation Fleets do not have a Command Limit.

The president designs the Federation Fleet ships via a special ship designer available in the federation menu and may use any technology available to any member empire. Regular ship designs cannot be used to build federation ships. The President's empire is responsible for building and commanding the Federation Fleets. Any AI federation member's research of a component-unlocking technology will auto-update the default federation designs, but not the player-created ones, adding theirs to the list instead. Since their designs are considered newer if you update your Federation Fleets at this time your fleet will become their design, which can be undesirable.

If a Federation is disbanded so is the Federation Fleet.

The Federation Fleet has its own Titan limit, which does not decrease the number of Titans its members can construct individually.

Federation Laws

Federation Laws customize certain aspects of a Federation. Any Federation member can propose a law change. Hovering over any law will list the Federation members that will oppose it.

Federation Centralization

Federation Centralization law determines what other laws are available and is limited by the current Federation level.

Type Effects Required level
Minimal 1
Low 2
Medium 3
High 4
Very High 5

Fleet Contribution

Fleet Contribution law determines how much   Naval Capacity is transferred from Federation members to the Federation Fleet.

Type   Transferred Naval Capacity Required Centralization
None 0 (no Federation Fleet) Minimal
Low 10% Low
Minimal if Hegemony or Martial Alliance
Medium 20% Medium
Low if Hegemony or Martial Alliance
High 30% High
Medium if Hegemony or Martial Alliance

Succession Type

Succession Type law determines how the Federation President is chosen once the Succession Term is up.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Strongest The empire with the highest Succession Power becomes the next President Minimal
Diplomatic Weight The empire with the highest Diplomatic Weigh becomes the next President Low
Rotation Leadership is rotated among each Federation member Low
Challenge The empire that wins the Challenge becomes the next President Minimal
Random The next President is chosen randomly Minimal

Succession Power

Succession Power determines by what criteria will the Federation President be chosen if the Succession Type law is set to Strongest.

  • Economic Power
  • Fleet Power
  • Technology Level
  • Diplomatic Weight


There are two types of challenges available to determine the next Federation President:

  • Arena Combat pits the rulers of each empire against each other. Both Species and Ruler traits affect the chance of each Ruler to win.
  • Psionic Battle pits Pops with the   Psionic trait from each empire against each other. Empires that do not have Pops with the   Psionic trait cannot becomes Federation President.
  • Thesis

Succession Term

Succession Term law determines how often the Federation President is succeeded.

Type Effects
Status Change
10 Years Succession happens every 10 years
20 Years Succession happens every 20 years
30 Years Succession happens every 30 years
40 Years Succession happens every 40 years

Can Subjects Join

This law determines what happens if an empire with subjects join or leaves the Federation.

Type Effects
No Subject empires will not join the Federation
Yes Subject empires will join or leave the Federation if the overlord does

Vote Weight

Vote Weight law determines how the voting power of each member is measures.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Equal Each member has equal voting power Minimal
Diplomatic The voting power of each member is determined by their Diplomatic Weight Medium

War Declaration

War Declaration law determines how many Federation members must agree on a war before it can be declared.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Unanimous Vote Each member must agree Minimal
Majority Vote The majority of the members must agree Low
President Decides Only the Federation President must agree High

Invite Members

Invite Members law determines how many Federation members must agree before another member is invited in the Federation.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Unanimous Vote Each member must agree Minimal
Majority Vote The majority of the members must agree Low
President Decides Only the Federation President must agree High

Kick Members

Kick Members law determines how many Federation members must agree before another Federation member is thrown out of the Federation.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Majority Vote The majority of the members must agree Minimal
President Decides Only the Federation President must agree Maximum

Free Migration

Free Migration law determines whether Pops can freely migrate to the planets of fellow Federation members

Type Effects Required Centralization
Disabled Pops cannot migrate to other Federation members without a   Migration Treaty Minimal
Enabled Pops can migrate to other Federation members Medium

Separate Treaties

Planetary features -> unique features -> new entries

Feature Planets Effects Description
  Tree of Life Tree of Life Origin homeworlds
  •   +10 Housing
  •   +15% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Society Research from Jobs
  •   +4 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   4 Food Upkeep
The Great Tree has sheltered and supported the Hive for untold generations.
  Tree of Life Sapling Tree of Life Origin colonies
  •   +10 Housing
  •   +10% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +5% Society Research from Jobs
  •   +2 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   2 Food Upkeep
The Great Tree has sheltered and supported the Hive for untold generations.
  Massive Crater Calamitous Birth Origin homeworlds
  •   +25% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +6 Max Districts
  •   +6 Max Mining Districts
  •   -4 Max Agriculture Districts
The impact site of the meteorite which brought Lithoids to this planet.
Arcane Generator Shattered Ring Origin homeworlds
  •   +5 Amenities
  •   +10 energy
  •   +2 Volatile Motes
This ancient machine seems to respond to our needs by producing the resources needed to upkeep some of our segments.


initial traits -> update entries

Trait Effects Excludes     Cost   Slave Price Description
Docile Empire Sprawl from Pops −20% 2 0 Members of this species are easy to manage and organize. They tend to be cooperative and amicable.
Unruly Empire Sprawl from Pops +20% −2 0 Unruly species are difficult to manage and organize. They do not like being told what do do, and are often quarrelsome or questioning.

initial traits -> new section

Origin Traits

Origin traits can only be given by certain Origins.

Type Effects Excludes   Cost Origin Description DLC
  •   Happiness +10%
  •   Resources from Jobs +10%
  •   Cannot be employed in Ruler or Specialist Jobs
  •   Cannot generate Leaders
  •   Intelligent
  •   Erudite
  •   Natural Physicists
  •   Natural Sociologists
  •   Natural Engineers
1 Syncretic Evolution This species evolved alongside a second, more advanced species. Never particularly intelligent to begin with, selective breeding for physical prowess and docility has reduced them to servile proles.  
  •   Leader Lifespan +10 Years
  •   Tomb World Habitability +70%
0 Post-Apocalyptic This species has survived the horrors of a nuclear apocalypse. Their capacity for thriving in the most inhospitable circumstances should not be underestimated.  
Void Dweller
  •   Resources from Specialist and Worker Jobs +15%
  •   Pop Growth Speed -10%
0 Void Dwellers This species thrives in orbital habitats, with an instinctive ability to efficiently navigate their maze-like corridors and complicated architecture.