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|header=<div style="font-size:120%; padding: 3px 0px; margin-bottom: 5px;">{{#ifexist: File:{{{header|}}}.png | [[File:{{{header|}}}.png|24px|link={{{header|}}} ]] }} {{{header|DLC}}}</div>
|content= [[File:{{{logo}}}|315px]]
{{#if: {{{type|}}}|
'''Type'''<div style="float:right;">[[Downloadable content#{{{type|}}}s| {{{type|What type of DLC is it?}}} ]]</div> }}
{{#if: {{{date|}}}|
'''Release date {{#if: {{{patch|}}}|/ Patch }}'''<div style="float:right;">{{{date|YYYY-MM-DD}}}  {{#if: {{{patch|}}}|/ [[Patch {{{patch|}}}|{{{patch|1.XX}}}]] }}</div>
{{#if: {{{storeb|}}}|
'''Store: {{{type|}}}'''<div style="float:right;"> {{{storeb|{{Store|pdx}} / {{Store|steam}} }}} </div>
}}{{#if: {{{storec|}}}|
'''Store: Content pack'''<div style="float:right;"> {{{storec|{{Store|pdx}} / {{Store|steam}} }}} </div>
}}{{#if: {{{storem|}}}|
'''Store: Music pack'''<div style="float:right;"> {{{storem|{{Store|pdx}} / {{Store|steam}} }}} </div> }}

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